The Nintendo Project (Maya)

This post is going to be a bit different.  This not a top ten, or a ramble about gaming, this is something new.  Those of you who follow my blog and know me personally already know that I’m currently attending college for 3D Animation.  This is great and all, but over the past few weeks I’ve been a little disjointed by something.  Only one of my six courses actually even uses Maya, and that class is a little too slow for my pace.  In fact, the only thing due in class is one model in two weeks.  One. Model.  That’s a bit slow for me….it’s became clear that I need to supplement my course work with some goals of my own.  The good part? I can actually make it fun.  I introduce to you: “The Nintendo Project!”

My goal is somewhat simple, create at least 10 different Nintendo characters in Maya before the end of the semester.  Pretty cool huh?  But what’s the significance of Nintendo characters you may ask?  Well, two reasons.  One: they’re mostly simple models and should provide the appropriate amount of challenge, and Two: I love em, that’s why!

For each character, I will model them, texture them, and then most likely rig them.  Will an animation or two pop up? It’s certainly possible, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  I’ve already planned out my characters, going from very simple to slightly more complex.  Here’s my goal list:

1. Kirby 


First off will be one of the most simple characters I can think of: Kirby!  In fact, vanilla Kirby might even be a bit too easy….so I might try out: Ice Kirby.

2. Villager 

We get a bit more complex here with Villager >:D

3.  Shy Guy

Again, a step more complex.  Now we add in stiff like robes,  which are harder to make look right.

4. Deku Link

Is it possible to get like a pet Deku Link or something?  No? well this is about as close as I’ll get them.


5. Mega Man

Steadily more, and more complex here!

6. Charmander ❤

Starter Charmander…..for now (Maybe the next stages will be a future project?


7.  Pikachu 

I choose you!

8.  Yoshi 

Getting decently challenging here, already not looking forward to modeling those hands.

9. Dry Bones

He’s my spirit animal.


And last, but certainly not least….I think we all know who I’ve saved for last….the myth…..the legend….the big man of Nintendo himself….I give you

10. TINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait….what the hell…I thought it gonna be Mario….oh…well, I guess I’ll make Tingle.


That is my list!  These are the folks I’m going to create with computer magic and skills!  And when they’re finished? I’ll assemble the most bad ass custom wallpaper this world as ever seen.  The ultimate B-team of the Nintedo universe.

I’ll be posting updates I progress through my personal goals here, so be on the look out!  And thanks for reading!  Fell free to leave a comment 😀



One thought on “The Nintendo Project (Maya)

  1. Nice, can’t wait to see how this turns out for you. The best thing I can say, is doing this on your own you learn different ways of doing things. While say at college they will usually teach you a certain way. This can only lead to great things my friend, i wish you luck.

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