Video Game Sequels I’d Like to See

First off I’d like to give a shout-out to a fellow blogger called Crazy Snake for inspiring me with his own game sequels post, which you can read right here: Clicky clicky.  Game sequels can be a bit of tricky matter.  There’s a fine line between the 10th Call of Duty and Half Life 3.  One has to tread carefully, you might just get what you wish for.  That said, here are the games I’d really like to see sequels for.


For some people, RAGE may have just reminded them how much they wanted Fallout 4.  Personally I really enjoyed the game, I thought it was quite underrated in fact.  I thought the balance of driving and shooting was actually a really cool idea, and this is coming from someone who hates racing games.  Further more, the game ended on a massive cliff hanger….grrr.  Basically imagine if Halo 2 was the last Halo game they made.  That’s what it’s like.  It sent me into a fit of RAGE.

Dishonored 2

I believe this game was also on Crazy Snake’s list, great minds think alike I suppose? This one is a no brainer.  It was so good it even manged to sell me on a genre I wasn’t too crazy about. The combination of stealth, action, and strategy was near perfect.  We absolutely need more.  Also,  can you even imagine Dishonored’s art style and atmosphere on the next gen consoles? Oh man! That could potentially be one of the prettiest games ever made.

Republic Commando 2


When are we going to see the galaxy’s biggest bad asses return?  Republic was just a bad ass game, I mean you got to play as first person clone troopers.  That’s already reason enough to need another one of these.  The thing that was so cool about Republic Commando was the fact is was set in the back alley of the Star Wars universe.  It’s darker, grungy, dirty, bleak.  Such a cool side of the universe to see, that’s for sure.  Battlefront 3 is being made…so maybe…just maybe we’ll see something.

Call of Duty: World at War 2 

Even a lot of hardcore Call of Duty haters admit that World at War was a great game, maybe even the best Call of Duty game in fact.  We’ve beaten the  “modern shooter” theme to death, and the “Futuristic” thing is fading fast as well.  I think it’s time to go back to the start, with some WW2 action.  A grungy Call of Duty sequel set in World War 2 powered by Next-gen consoles? Yes please.  That’d be a Call of Duty game worth picking up, even if you hate the franchise.

Portal 3 

Portal 2 is the best game ever, I’ve said this many, many times before!  I love it with all my heart.  Is it selfish to say I’d rather see Portal 3 before even Half Life 3? Yes…..maybe….but I don’t care, because I need more Portal in my life!  Portal 2 wrapped things up with pretty neat bow, they could never make another Portal game again and it would still be a well rounded series.  BUT, they left open a lot of story potential as well. Remember all those humans we saved at the end of the Co-Op missions?

And Every Other Valve Game

TF3, Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3, and of course Half Life 3, we need em all.




One thought on “Video Game Sequels I’d Like to See

  1. Great list, enjoyed reading it. I was glad to see the wanting of another World at War, I will agree with that as well. The first game was just great, and I loved it, especially the SP. Sadly though I think the series is defiantly in its downfall for good, at least I feel that way. The next few years will show if that’s true.

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