My Top Ten Video Game Enemies

10. Ghosts (Pac-man)

Whoa! Old school right off the bat! If we’re talking iconic video game villains, it’s almost impossible to exclude the Ghosts from Pac-man.  They may be 8-bit, but they’re deadly just the same.

9. Nazi Zombies (Call of Duty)

Make no mistake, zombies are a fairly common addition among most modern games. I could probably name a hundred different games that utilize them as enemies, if I wanted to.  But when I think iconic video game zombies, the glowing eyed corpses from Call of Duty are the first that come to mind.  Even more specifically: the Nazi Zombies.  They’re set apart from the rest of the zombie crowd not only due to their glowing yellow eyes, but by their interesting back story as well.

8. Cyber Demons (DOOM)

There are a lot of iconic Demons and monsters from the DOOM series, and it’s very difficult to single out just one as a favorite. Personally I’m going with the Cyber Demons, with the Imp as a close second.  The Cyber Demons usually serve as end bosses to the DOOM games and…well….you can probably see why.  They are a terrifying “unholy union of flesh and metal” and perhaps one of the greatest threats Hell can throw your way…

7. Tank (Left 4 Dead)

TAAANK!!! Hulking and grotesque, Tanks are perhaps the worst of the dangers you can find in the post apocalyptic world of Left 4 Dead.  They require the combined fire of all four survivors to take down, and have a knack for popping up in places you least expect them.  There’s no wake-up call quite like the howl of an approaching Tank.

6. Grunts (Halo)

While there are certainly a lot of candidates, the Grunts take the cake when it comes to the most iconic Halo baddies.  They’re not quite as menacing as any of my previous choices….in fact they’re kind of adorable.  Grunts are cowardly and weak, and will quite often simply run away instead of staying and fighting a losing battle.  Of course, if they’re in the company of a more powerful villain, they’re muster up the courage to shout hilarious insults at you, but that’s all part of why we love them so much. And sometimes they’re thirsty.

5. Dragons (Skyrim)

The badass level is over 9000! Dragons are always cool, but no video game handles Dragons quite as well as Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.  It’s hard to describe the thrill when you first meet a Dragon in the wild untamed lands of Skyrim.  They can swoop in at almost any time and are always formidable foes.   Not only are they immensely powerful, but they’re intelligent as well.  And they look badass…did I mention that?

4. Turrets (Portal)

With Turrets, it’s sort of a love hate relationship.  You get the feeling that they don’t necessarily want to hurt you, it’s just simply their job.  And they do their job well. Turrets are another enemy where it’s hard to not just fall in love with them.  Their shrill little robot voices and ever vigilant eyes are too cute…..ahem, I mean they are merciless killing machines. That’s what I meant to say.

3. Creepers 


Creepers are just the worst, they really are.  There are no other enemies in any other games that are capable of making several hours of work instantly void so quickly.  The dreaded hiss of a Creeper is one of the most easily identifiable, and hated sounds in all of gaming.  And to think that they were simply born out of coding glitch, when Notch was trying to make pigs.

2. Big Daddies 

These guys are easily one of the most iconic and most recognizable video game enemies of all time, and for good reason.  They are tough as nails, and a genuine challenge to take down…whenever you’re unlucky enough to stumble across one of their paths. And of course, their psychical appearance is legendary and one of the most menacing in gaming.

1. Head Crabs(Half Life)

If you’ve played any of the Half Life games, then chances are you know why I’ve picked Headcrabs as my top spot.  These are parasites that make even Xenomorphs go “ewww…” They latch onto their victims head, and transform into grotesque zombie like creatures. They may have originally came from an alien world, but the Combine has since weaponized them and used them to attack unruly citizens.  I can tell you one thing, Valve loves to hide these guys in air vents.



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