My Top Ten Teenage Superheroes!


10. Roy Harper 

Before he became one of the founding members of Teen Titans, or a member of Young Justice, Roy Harper was a junkie and heroin addict.  What’s the best way to get clean? Become a super hero of course.  After training under the famed Green Arrow, Roy Harper (Red Arrow) is now one of the best marksmen in the DC universe.  Turns out vigilantism was just the outlet he needed to begin dealing with his issues.

9. Colossus

Colossus is a damn bad ass! To this day he officially remains one of the strongest X-men out there.  Believe it or not, Colossus got his start as simple farm boy.  This was of course before Xavier brought him to his school for gifted youngsters.   Soon, the skills that once helped him farm as a boy, would help him fight injustice as a man.

8. Cyborg 

Speaking of bad ass and metal, here comes Cyborg.  Victor was only a young man when he suffered a lab injury that would threaten his life.  Victor’s father, a scientist, wasn’t about to let his son die.  So he created cybernetic components to help revive his struggling child.  Little did he know he was creating a founding member of the Teen Titans.

7. Ice-Man 

Unfortunately for poor Bobby, things didn’t go well in his hometown when he began to develop his mutant powers.  He quickly became an outcast and a villain to town members, who had him locked up.  He had to actually be broken out of prison and rescued in order to join Xavier’s school.  He would later become the youngest member of the original X-men team.

6. Armor 

Armor has one of the coolest mutant powers ever, in my opinion.  Like how cool is that Armor power?  One of my favorite aspects of Armor has to be her division between her two families.  On the one side she has her biological family, and on the other she has the X-men.  Her struggle to know where to stand is very emotionally engaging.

5. Kitty Pryde 


What?! Another Mutant?! I’m sorry, there’s just so many great teenage characters from these comics!  Kitty Pryde(Shadow Cat), was only 13 years old when she was approached by Xavier.  Not only did she enter his school for gifted youngsters, but she quickly became the youngest mutant ever to join the X-men team.  Quite the rap sheet for someone who had only barely just entered her teen years.  Also, her best friend is a little purple dragon.  How awesome can you get?

4. Bat Girl 

It’s not easy to simply work yourself into a sidekick position with one of the most secretive and brooding superheros around, but that’s exactly what Barbra Gordon managed to do.  Perhaps it was in her blood, after all her father was police commissioner.  While Batman may have at first been hesitant to accept her, he quickly realized how much talent she had for someone so young, and knew he had to train her. Batman seems to be a big softy for skilled youngsters doesn’t he?

3. Nova (Sam Alexander)

15 year old Sam Alexander only ever saw the dark side of his father, who was always drunk, stinking of booze, and telling stories about space, guardians of the galaxy, and cosmic battles. Sam had always disregarded these stories as the ramblings of a drunk.  That is until his father went missing, and Sam was chosen to take up the Nova mantle.  Young Nova now protects earth from cosmic dangers, while searching for the truth behind his father.

2. Robin 

Wait….which Robin do I mean? Well…all of them.  Is that cheating? Maybe. To be frank, it’s hard to choose which Boy Wonder is the best, they all have very unique aspects to them.  They all share one thing in common: they’re all highly skilled badasses. Each of them started out as Robin, before moving onto their own futures.  Some good, some not so much.

1. Spider-Man

And at the top we’ve got my personal favorite superhero of all time: Spidey!!! Spider-Man is a no brainer for this list.  Sure in the current comic series he is an adult with his own company and everything, but let us not forget he started out as a geeky highschooler who was bit by a radioactive spider!

So that’s my list! What do you think of my choices? Let me know your personal top 10!


6 thoughts on “My Top Ten Teenage Superheroes!

  1. Hmmm, that’s a tough one. It’ll probably look something like this:

    10. Hope Summers

    9. Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

    8. Robin (Stephanie Brown) – I like Stephanie Brown more than the other Robins as I like Dick Grayson as Nightwing, never really liked Jason Todd, stephanie Brown over Tim Drake, never really cared for Damian Wayne.

    7. Cyborg

    6. Batgirl (Barbra Gordan)

    5. X-23

    4. Shadowcat

    3. Static

    2. Raven

    1. Spider-man

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