My Favorite Multiplayer Gamemodes

First off, sorry for no posts last week, I was a little busy and never could seem to find time to write.   Anyway, let’s get down to it.  I’m a mutliplayer gamer, that’s just how I roll.  And being a multiplayer gamer, I’ve played my fair share of a wide array of gamemodes from various different games.  I’ve decided to devote a post to entirely to my personal favorite multiplayer gamemodes I’ve discovered over the years.

Oddball (Halo)

So this first one is kind of an odd gamemode. Trust me, that pun hurt me more than it hurt you.  The rules aren’t terribly complicated, two teams simply battle for control of the “oddball,” a skull that grants points as it’s held.  You want to always have a member of your team holding the oddball to earn points and rundown the timer.  The end result is a frantic and highly entertaining scramble as players battle back and forth, trying to get their hands on the signature skull.

It’s mine, my own! It’s precious to me! Our Preciouuuuussss!

Payload (TF2) 

Payload has always been one of my absolute favorites.  In Payload, there are two teams, one for defense and one for offense.  Payload maps have a big ol’ railroad that runs through entirety of the map, leading to it’s destination. It’s up to the Blu team (offense) to “push” the payload along the track and to it’s final destination.  Of course, the Red team(defense) doesn’t want this to happen.  The constantly moving objective always keeps the gameplay frantic and interesting.  It’s one of the more unique gametypes out there, and teamwork is key.


Crazy King/Hardpoint (Halo, Call of Duty, Destiny(?))

In Halo it’s called “Crazy King” in Black Ops 2 it’s called “Hardpoint.”  The gamemode is remarkably similar across both the franchises. It’s basically a twist on the traditional King of the Hill gamemode.  Instead of just having one stationary hill to control, the hill locations rotate through the map.  The result? Crazy king.  Teams scramble around to try and get to the hills first, and defend them.  Very dynamic gamemode.

Infected (several franchises) 

This one is a pretty popular gametype that be found throughout several franchises, including Call of Duty, Halo, Counter-Strike, TF2, and Blacklight.  The base idea is much the same.  There are survivors, and there are infected.  Infected kill survivors to turn them into infected.  Infected try and convert everyone, and the survivors try to…well….survive!  It may not be the worlds most competitive gamemode, but it’s really fun for simply having a good time.

Medieval Mode (TF2)

Okay, this one is out there.  This is probably the most specific gametype I’ll mention on this list.  It’s unique to TF2(again), and is actually only playable on one map.  Medieval mode takes a relativily normal FPS, and totally turns it on it’s head.  In Medieval mode, you can only use methods of warfare that would have been used back in Medieval times.  All of your explosives, guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers, etc are all taken away.  Instead you can only use arrows and melee.  Other than that it’s regular control point/domination game type.  As you might imagine, insanity ensues.

One of the craziest gamemodes out there….FOR THE KIIIIING

So those are some of my favorite gamemodes from various games over the years.  I know some of those may have seemed a little whacky, but sometimes it’s the whackiest gamemodes that are the best.  So what are your favorite gametypes? Let me know!





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