Destiny Controversy

What’s this? Another Destiny post?  I know that I’ve given Destiny quite a bit of special attention on this blog, I can’t seem to help it!  Destiny is easily my most anticipated upcoming game, which is why I enjoy writing about it so much.   That is really what the core of this blog is after all, writing about the things I love most.

I had a fantastic time in the Destiny Beta.   So you can imagine my surprise upon browsing some of my favorite gaming sites when I discovered that apparently Destiny has conjured up a bit of controversy!  That’s right, apparently there’s a wave of people who are now quite unsatisfied with Destiny.  I did a little digging to try and uncover the source of the unrest, and evidently it’s in response to an information leak.  Supposedly all of the game’s content has leaked online, including a list of all the planets, multiplayer maps, explorable areas, strike missions, etc.   This has lead some people to cast a very critical eye on Destiny, because evidently it fell short of their expectations.

What’s this? People are starting to hate on Destiny? Arm up Guardians….

“Content, content, CONTENT!”  Content is the go to word for all of Destiny’s troubles now.  People are concerned because the game isn’t quite as big as they were expecting.  However, I find it very ironic that of of all games Destiny is the one to receive controversy for lack of content.  I just don’t see it, even is the game leak is true, the game seems awfully packed to me.  I spent over 30 hours, yes over 30 hours, just in the Destiny Beta! Now considering that the Beta is only like 10% of the full game, content is the last issue that came to my mind.

Bungie has made it clear that Destiny is going to be beefy, especially by modern standards.  It feels like recently devs have been trying to pack less and less content into $60 dollar games.  Take TitanFall and Evolve for example, multiplayer only games with only a few gamemodes and no campaigns to be found.  Or The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Infamous Second Son on the opposite side of the spectrum, single player only games that can be beat in a matter of hours.  So why on earth Destiny being called out?

Abandon thread!

I have a theory as to why Destiny, of all games, is being called out on content.  My theory is this: it’s largely due to the fact that Destiny is such a strange game.  What do I mean by this? Well Destiny is so ill defined, in the best way possible.  There are still people out there trying to call this game an MMO!  It’s clear Destiny isn’t just an average shooter, yet it’s not really on the scale of an MMO or something like that.  MMO players expect to gets hundreds, possibly thousands of hours out of their games. They seem to forget that Destiny is only a one time purchase, not a monthly subscription game.  It’s kind of right in an awkward place between genres, and that changes expectations greatly.

The point is this: I don’t think Destiny is short on content at all.  Bungie has made it clear that Destiny is an ever changing experience that’s meant to entice players and keep bringing them back.  There is a massive amount of endgame to take into account.  Five planets to explore, Raids, Strike missions, NightFall activities, bounties, Exotic and legendary gear to loot, sub-classes to level,  and of course the Crucible! That’s a lot of meat and potatoes if you ask me! Not mention you can be doing it three times with separate classes!

“Fend off the Halo fanboys! (It’s only a joke, only a joke!)

In conclusion, I think all the Destiny Content crisis claims are ill founded.  It all depends on what you’re willing to put into the game, and what you’re expecting.  The fact is this: one the scale of $60 games, Destiny is at the top in terms of content.  Anyway, I’d like to hear your opinions!  What do you think about the content issue? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Destiny Controversy

  1. I still think some hate stems from Bungie leaving Halo, and signing to making Destiny with Activision as well. Just a little thought, I myself enjoyed the beta a lot, and can’t wait for it. As for it being an MMO, I wouldn’t call it that. I see it more as being an Open World Co-Op FPS more than anything. I’m not worried about the game, Bungie will deliver.

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