My Guardians of the Galaxy Review!

I’m going to be doing something a bit new here, and give my first ever movie review.  You’ll have to excuse my form, I’m new to the whole review thing!  The movie I’ll be reviewing is none other than The Guardians of the Galaxy!  But first things first:

Spoiler alert, I will be talking about the story details in this review, only read once you have seen the film or don’t care about spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Remember when Iron Man first came out, and everyone was incredulous because he was a B-team hero?  Yeah, this blows that out of the water.  Guardians of the Galaxy is easily Marvel’s strangest and riskiest film to date.  I mean who wasn’t at least a little shocked when we first heard we’d be getting a Guardians of the Galaxy film.  It was certainly a risk, but it’s a risk I’m glad they took.  Let’s get into the details!  I’m going to divide this review into categories, to make it easier to read: Humor, Story, and Visual grander.   Let’s start with Humor shall we?


Make no mistake, Guardians is a space adventure comedy at heart.   That’s not to say it lacks any seriousness or emotional components of course.  The comedy in Marvel movies is generally hit and miss, Thor: The Dark World I’m looking at you.  I’m very pleased to announce that Guardians is the exception to this rule.  This movie is funny.  Like, genuinely hilarious.  I’m not normally the type of person to laugh out loud in theaters, but this movie had me rolling.  The humor is just so smart, more than it normally is in these types of movies.  There’s a sort of finesse to it, it’s always inserted at just the right moment with just the right joke.  Not only that, but it’s balanced, which is so important.  The humor doesn’t get in the way of the rest of the movie, it’s so organic.  There’s plenty of breathing room for the various tones in the movie, there’s time for the funnies, but it’s never at the expense of real heartfelt or serious moments.  Expertly crafted humor, it’s on it’s own level for sure.

Visual Grander

Visually this movie is stunning.  It’s such an interesting mix of vibrant colors in space and futuristic cities, contrasted by gritty and grimy space taverns and prisons.  The palette is very eye opening that’s for sure.   Not only that, but the set pieces are always massive and expertly crafted.  One minute the guardians are in a crowed futuristic city, then a gritty prison, then a giant floating god skull, then in massive fleet fighting in an expansive spaceship battle.  You’re taken all around the galaxy on a visual joyride, and it’s awesome.


And now we come to probably the most surprising aspect of the movie to me, the story.  It’s not quite what I expected.  The story is surprisingly more heartfelt than I anticipated.  I don’t want to get to far into the general details of the story, but it had much more of a human element that I was anticipating…..even if some of the rougher details of the story were kind of quickly babbled in five minute “exposition talk.”  That said, it really was overall a great heartfelt story.

I did want to address a specif elements of the story I found interesting.   I wasn’t actually anticipating seeing Thanos in the flesh, but was really excited to discover he would be a prominent part of the story….without even being on screen for more than a scene or two! However, as the movie drew to a close I was shocked we never saw him again.  There was no real buildup to any future movies at all!  It was kind of a concise and neat package for the most part.  I thought surely we’d see Thanos acquire another infinity gem, something, anything to move the story as a whole forward….but was mistaken.  The after credit scene is a funny one, but does nothing to move the story forward, which was a surprise to me.

And there is one last thing I wanted to address, and that is the primary villain: Ronan.  Unfortunately one of the Marvel movie’s greatest weaknesses continue to be an issue, Ronan is simply a throw away villain.  There is really no character to his character…he’s just a scary dude with a lot of anger and power.  End of story sadly.   All I can say is let’s hope James Spader’s Ultron saves us all from our Super villain drought!


Guardians of the Galaxy is a hilarious space romp that is absolutely a must see. The humor is intelligent, and complimented by fantastic and lovable characters.   Not only that, but the movie’s visual style is a joy to behold.  The narrative may have a grey area or two, but it’s offset by wonderful performances and strong overall story.  Humor and heart come together to create one of Marvel’s best films yet.    9/10 

Go Marvel go Marvel go!



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