Random Top Fives


The following blog post will actually have nothing to do with video games or comics!  Instead I’ve compiled a completely random assembly of top 5 lists.  Why?  Because I felt like it for some reason, I’m not too sure!  Perhaps you’ll all learn a little more about me! Without further ado, here we go!

Top Five Bands (and my favorite songs from each)

5. Beastie Boys

I’ll admit, Beastie boys hovers right over the edge of a genre of music I really don’t care for, but someone that just makes them all the more enjoyable to me.

4. Metallica

I love me some heavy metal….as long as I’m in the right mood for it.  And when it comes to heavy metal, Metallica is my favorite.

3. Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam, they’re just all around fantastic.

2.  U2

Ain’t love the sweetest thing.  U2 again is just an all around fantastic band, first concert I went to was a U2 concert in fact!

1. Band of Horses

I never actually knew who Band of Horses were, until they opened for Pearl Jam in Kansas city.  I instantly fell in love with them….and bought a lot of their CDs….I love their sound.

Top Five Comedians 

5. Daniel Tosh

This guy has no limits.  There doesn’t seem to be a single topic that isn’t up for debate with Mr. Tosh, and it’s hilarious.  If you’re not sure where your personal line of decency lies, you’ll probably find it listening to his stand ups.

4. Russel Peters

Russel is hilarious.  He is the master of accents, and often utilizes his iconic “stereotypical Indian accent” as well as any of number of cultures and racial slurs.  He makes pokes fun at many different cultures and races, but it’s okay because everyone is being made fun of.

3. Gabriel Iglesias

Fluffy! Gabriel is one of the more down to earth comedians.  He is always very involved with his community, and is always exerting his gratefulness to his fans.  His comedy mostly comes from his life experiences, which is very unique, and always hilarious.  Not mention he is fantastic had doing voices and sound fx with a mic!

2. Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle is one of the greatest comedians ever, hands down.  In fact, he is responsible for my all time favorite stand up show “killing them softly.” Something about his voice, his mannerisms, he’s just a funny dude.  And he does racial humor like no one else, best in the world.

1.  Louis ck

And my all time favorite comedian is: Louis ck.  His style just so perfect.  He perfectly captures the cynicism of our world, and isn’t afraid to vent.   He’s one of those comedians where you know everything he’s saying, no matter how dark, is actually true….which just makes even more funny. He’s simply the best.

Top Five Disney Songs 

5. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

4. I Want to Be Like You

3. We Are One

2. Be A Man

1. Friends on the Other Side

Top Five Stupid Movies 

I realize this one may need a bit of explanation. These are my favorite “dumb” movies.  Movies that are just plain goofy and can’t really be taken seriously, but you just have to love.

5. Ernest Goes to Camp

Yup…this movie is stupid. Really stupid.  But it also has it’s funny moments!  The sometimes over the top acting ends up being genuinely hilarious.  And man alive, this movie is quotable.  It’s worked it’s way into my every day lingo.

4. What About Bob?

I think it’s easiest if I just explain the premise for this one.  In this movie, Bill Murray plays a severely psychologically unwound “Bob.” The movie is about Bob crashing his Psychologists’s vacation, and at the same time slowly getting over his irrational fears.  Of course, as Bob regains his sanity, his psychologist begins to lose his!  To be fair, it’s not easy to put up with Bob.

3. Napoleon Dynamite


2. UHF

What happens when two idiots get heir own TV station? UHF, that’s what happens.  Half the movie is the story of the TV station’s stunning rise to fame…and the other half is the crazy stuff they air on it.  It’s pretty stupid, but it’s also pretty hilarious.  I’ll just leave you with this scene….

1. Dumb and Dumber

If you’ve seen this movie then…well…I don’t really need to explain do I?  If you haven’t seen this movie….then go see this movie!

So that wraps up my incredibly random and nonsensical blog post! And no don’t worry, posts like this won’t be the norm.   What do you think of all my choices of randomness?  Let me know your top five Comedians, Bands, Stupid Moves, and Disney songs on the comments!


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