Ultron’s Movie Design!

We’ve seen little bits of Avengers: Age of Ultron trickle in as the months creep by, including concept art of an epic Hulkbuster vs. Hulk battle, but this info may take the cake.  It would seems Ultron’s design has been unveiled!  Big news for me, Ultron is in my top ten favorite marvel characters (which you can see here).  Take a look below!


Looks fantastic! I love that they kept many of the elements from the original design as well, namely the iconic helmet design.  In the background you’ll also notice several Ultron-like robots, which I’d wager are Ultron’s drones.  This photo would seem to support the theory that these Ultron drones are modified versions of Tony’s Iron Man armor, notice in the upper right corner how one of the drones is using the feet/hands method of flying.  This to me is a strong indication that it’s using stark tech.

Here is the full magazine cover, for the curious.

So what do you think of Ultron’s design?  Personally I’m loving it, very sinister and faithful to the comics.  Let me know in the comments! The Age of Ultron is upon us!




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