Why Are People Afraid of Mics?

Hello!  First off, I apologize for not posting anything in over a week now.  I was actually out on holiday for quite some time.  The good news is I’m back now.  Next time I’ll be sure to note any absences in advance so as not to leave anyone wondering.  Now onto the topic! I chose to write about something that’s been bothering me recently.   I’ve been playing on the PlayStation network for a while now and I’ve really been enjoying it.  However, I can’t help but notice something, or rather, lack of something.  It’s so quiet!

Hard to come up with a strategy when everyone is mute.

No one seems comfortable using their mic.  I find this very suprising!  The benefits of communication are obvious, and let’s face it, it’s often more enjoyable to play that way as well.  So are people apparently afraid to talk?  You’ll often here the excuse “I don’t have a mic” or something similar.  The odd thing is: that’s almost never true.  Both next gen consoles actually come with mics! They’re not great mics to be fair, but they work just the same.  Even so, it’s not that expensive to buy a gaming headset. A simple headset built primarily for communication is only about $20, regardless of the system you buy it.  It’s not as if $250 Astros are the only option!

Communication doesn’t have to be expensive, at all.

I’m a social introvert.  I’m shy and reclusive. However, even I’m not bothered by speaking through a headset!  I used to be that way, don’t get me wrong, but my eyes were opened to a few important facts.

You automatically have a lot in common with the people you’re speaking to. 

It’s true! It’s easier to talk to a like minded soul right? Well, if you’re talking to someone ingame, then you already have a ton in common.  Think about it! You like the same game, you own the same system, you share at least one hobby, etc.  Trust me, most people aren’t scary or alien.  I think you’ll realize they’re all a lot like you, at least more so than you thought!

It’s such a tactical advantage.

Communication is the most overpowered tool you can have access to in a game.  The simple power of the spoken word can make or break a game.  When you have a team of allies utilizing callouts, sharing strategies, sharing tips, etc; you’ve automatically got a massive foot forward.

Many games are just better when played with friends.

Okay, this one is more of an opinion.  To me, games are much better when played with friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments where I just want to be left in silence to my own devices, but more often than not a buddy to game with can make all the difference.

No one wants to roll alone!

So, those are my thoughts on communication in gaming.  Do you use your mics? What do you think of my reasoning? Let me know!  Also once more, sorry for not posting as often!


2 thoughts on “Why Are People Afraid of Mics?

  1. lol love reading your blogs very random and gives me ideas had a bit of writers block for a bit trying to get posting and been off my randomness. I’ve been playing some FFXIV and yea i really hate the whole people not using their mics… I for one enjoy being able to have a mic. I even go beyond as to using my laptop as a device to connect to teamspeak with friends on ffxiv while im on PS4 playing it. Its annoying in games like battlefield that people don’t use the mic much where it would be useful in a tactical sense but whats funny is in COD it seems alot of people are more chatty in there instead of battlefield… idk also the Gold Wireless headset for ps4 / ps3/ and i think pc because ive use them there… are pretty epic… hmmm might write a blog on that lol ;D keep on bloggin!

    • Why thank you good sir! Rambling randomness is my specialty. And I’m glad you agree with me on the mic situation! I look forward to reading whatever post you end up writing next 😉

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