That Wizard Came From the Moon

Bungie has recently announced some of the changes they’ll be making now that they’ve received some feedback from the Alpha.   Now if you didn’t already know, I played the Alpha and absolutely loved it.  You can check out my initial reaction article here.   Perhaps the thing that surprised me most when playing the Alpha was how polished the game was.   I found no errors or glitches of any kind and the game ran smooth as jazz.  Remarkable.  I’m almost surprised they found stuff to change.

“See any glitches out there?”      “No sir! I’ll keep searching.”

Now all that being said, I thought I’d share some of my ideas for things they could improve on.  These are the main things I’d like to see improved upon or added in the final version of Destiny.

Voice Acting Changes

There were a few times while playing Destiny when I thought the voice acting was a little odd or out of place.  They’ve already confirmed that they’re changing up Peter Dinklage’s lines, but I didn’t even have an issue with that!  His delivery was a little mono-toned and uninterested sounding, but that didn’t bug me.  He was playing a robot after all!  It was the crucible voice acting that I had an issue with.  Every good multiplayer needs a great announcer.  Hearing that iconic “double kill!” after pulling off a sweet maneuver is really half the reward.  The announcer in the Destiny’s crucible mode is a little forgetful if even slightly annoying.  I’m not saying they need to go get a gruff military general to voice everything, but they could work on something a bit more memorable.  Maybe have Dinklage voice it?

We need more bad ass announcers!

More Dance Moves 

I want to get down with the boogie.  Probably half of my time in Destiny was spent losing myself to dance.  My only issue? I need more!  A wider more varied set of dance moves would amazing….maybe they could even devote a slot in the loudout to equip-able dance styles?  I don’t even care how silly that would look, I just need to dance!


Okay, this one isn’t technically something I had an issue with in the Alpha, but it is something they need to get right in the final game.   One of the coolest surprises for me in Destiny was finding out all my weapons, armor, and upgrades transferred over to the Crucible matches.  Now this is awesome, however it begs the question: how will this scale in the endgame?  In the Alpha all players had an early rank cap, but in the full game we’ll no doubt see a much wider array of player levels.  Wouldn’t a rank 30 player just melt a rank 8?  So how is this going to balance out?  Good match making?  Some sort of Crucible ranking system? Time will tell…I just hope they get it right.

They need to nerf the giant frog, like seriously.

So those were my thoughts on Destiny! What do you think?  Did you get to play the Alpha?  What do you think needs changing?  Leave a comment letting me know, or just to say “hi.”

Here comes Destiny…..prepare yourself.



3 thoughts on “That Wizard Came From the Moon

  1. Lol yes the voice acting was just… horrendous for me… I couldn’t deal with it after a bit. It felt so fake… it felt as if he was waiting for his break to get his lunch and he wasn’t with it… lol It felt wrong

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