My Top 10 Favorite Video Game Characters

A few days ago I made a top ten super hero list, I figured why not do a top ten video game character list as well?  And if you’re tired of the list thing, don’t worry this will probably be my last for a little while.  Of course, if you like the lists let me know. I’m going to be including characters only from games that I’ve played personally.  Undoubtedly a few big names are going to be left off this list, but that’s just the sacrifice you have to make when creating lists like this.  Before we begin, let’s have a quick honorable mention:

Honorable Mention: D0g 

Good D0ggy

Is it cheating to include an honorable mention? Yeah, a little bit.  D0g is hands down the sweetest robot in gaming.  Created as a guardian for young Alyx, D0g is as faithful a companion as his namesake.  He plays fetch as good as he beats up combine troops.  He’s too cute to leave off this list.

10. Scorpion 


Some of you may may remember back in my first post when I talked about how Mortal Kombat was one of my first ever games, and how it had such an impact on me.  Arguably Scorpion is the face of Mortal Kombat, and probably the most badass character in the game.  Even a lot non-gamers often recognize him or his famous lines.

9. Crash Bandicoot 

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, this guy is on the list mostly for the sake of nostalgia.  To be fair,  he was my first ever video game hero, that’s a big deal!  In my childhood years Crash was even more iconic than Mario or Sonic!  Congratulations old buddy, you made it on the list!

8. Pyro 

Next up we have Pyro.  Pyro is one of the nine playable classes in TF2, which is actually still going strong if you’re interested in trying it out.  Pyro is a big source of speculation and mystery.  No one knows Pyro’s gender, or if Pyro is even human! He’s(?) such an odd character, speaking only in muffles and always masked.  While Pyro may be a crazy psychopath who burns people, he’s(?) also kind of adorable.  I mean the chopping people with axes and flames, it’s not really his fault, he just sees the world in a different way….

7.  Lara Croft

To be perfectly clear, I’m choosing the 2013 Lara Croft.  She’s not that kind of Croft….or is she?  She’s strong, independent, courageous, and totally badass.  While sometimes the character gets portrayed in a less flattering matter, I’m choosing the more recent timid yet optimistic Lara Croft who slowly transforms into the tomb raider she’s destined to become.

6.  Wheatley 

Oh man, I can already feel the tears coming again.  Okay, calm down, I can get through this.  Wheatley is bundle of emotions.  He enters the game as comedic relief, and then leaves as the arch villain.  You feel happy, confused, betrayed, sad, and it’s just….just…wheatley, why’d you try to kill me?

5. The Joker 

“What?! The top ten comic book characters list was last week. This is video games now.  Was his performance really enough to get him added here? You’re adding the Joker on the list just to be cheeky aren’t you?  I knew it. Comic book nerd. ” You’re welcome, Joker.


4.  Mr. Freeman 

Rise and shine Mr. Freeman, rise and shine. Wake up and smell the ashes.  You never see Mr. Freeman outside of game boxart and you never hear him.  That’s because you are Mr. Freeman.  Mr. Freeman, without ever saying a word, leads a revolution and inspires a whole generation.  Not bad.

3. Cortana

Surprised to see Cortana instead of the iconic Master Chief?  I chose Cortana because she is the heart and soul of the Halo franchise.  She’s been in our ears since day one, offering advice and cracking a joke here and there.  She’s not just Chief’s guidance, she’s his only friend.  And in an odd way, she’s almost more human than anyone else in the series.  *sniffles*

2. Skull Kid 

Skull kid is a tragedy.  His origins are left mysterious, however it’s known that he was abandoned and scorned by everyone he ever loved.  Filled with hate and pent up aggression, Skull kid was a ticking time bomb.  The evil spirit of Majora took advantage of poor Skull kid by offering him the means to exact his revenge: a Mask of power.  Skull isn’t necessarily a bad person, bad things just happen to him.  Now the moon is falling, you have three days.


It’s been a long time, how have you been?

Intelligent, cunning, evil, and queen of dark humor, GLaDOS wins my 1# spot.  She is hands down the best video game antagonist ever.  Her wit is only matched by her sarcasm.  She’s hilarious and scary at the same time! Her introduction in the first Portal game is gold.  You go through 2/3 of the game following her every instruction, growing increasingly suspicious of her true intentions.  And then the truth comes out, the cake is a lie.                   Oh, and she has a great singing voice.

So what did you think of my list?  Like I said, I’ll stop doing the whole list thing, unless you like it!  Let me know what your top ten is! Thanks for reading!





2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Video Game Characters

  1. Yeah the portal characters deserve high praise because they were so well written. I agree about GLaDOS. Also, I almost forgot about D0g, but he really is something special when it comes to robotic video game companions. Good list. I think you should keep doing lists.

    • They really were well written weren’t they? Valve seems to do characters really well. And thanks! I really enjoy making lists, but I try not to overdo them so much….it’s very affirming to hear someone enjoys them!

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