My Top 10 Favorite Marvel Comic Book Characters

I thought I’d do another comic book post, because those are fun! I’ve decided to list my personal favorite Marvel characters in top ten fashion.  The Marvel universe is massive and contains all kinds of amazing characters, so it’s basically impossible to create a list like this without leaving out a ton of notable characters.  Regardless, here’s my list!  And I promise this won’t just be a long list of Avengers members!

10.  Ultron 

At my number 10 spot I’ve got Ultron.  I’m a sci-fi nerd as much as I am a comic book nerd, so I love a good rogue A.I. story.  Ultron is easily the coolest and most dangerous example of science gone wrong.  Of course a battle between creator and creation ensues.

9. Winter Soldier

The idea of a sidekick gone evil attacking their former mentor is such a cool concept to me.  It’s a concept that’s handled so well in the Winter Soldier story line.  The once sidekick was robbed of his memory and cybernetically enhanced to be the perfect assassin.  He’s the perfect mix of badass and sympathy.  He would also eventually take up the Captain America mantle, so bonus points for that.

8. Black Panther 

Hail to the King baby

Black Panther is a badass.  Plain and simple. He’s almost like Marvel’s Batman, in more ways than one!  And he’s tough, as in go toe to toe with the avengers and hold his own, kind of tough.  He’s a historically important hero as well.  Black Panther was the first mainstream black super hero ever to hit american comics. It’s awesome to see different races and cultures take on a super hero mantle.

7. Groot 

I am Groot.

6. Deadpool 

The merc with a mouth.  He’s one of those characters you just gotta love.  In a world filled with talking Raccoon aliens, men that get angry and green, and Demigods with flowing blonde hair, it’s relieving to see a little tongue in cheek humor.  Deadpool is the personification of the goofy side of Marvel, which earns him a spot on my list.

5.  Iron Man 

In an odd way, Iron Man is one of the most down to earth super heroes there is.  Many super heroes are depicted as flawless idols,  examples to follow.  Iron Man has issues, quite a few of them.  He’s depressed, he’s alcoholic, and he’s a jerk.  I absolutely adore the idea of a flawed hero, and there’s no doubt Iron Man is that hero.

4. Thanos 

Arguably one of the most powerful beings in the universe, Thanos is also one of the most evil.  He wants nothing less than the end of all things.  I’ve often said Thanos is the Darth Vader of the Marvel universe.  He’s evil, but he’s so badass you almost don’t even notice, you find yourself somehow rooting for him even when he’s fighting against your most loved heroes…..or is that just me?

3. Magneto 

I’d say Magneto is easily my favorite villain in the Marvel universe, but he isn’t really a villain is he?  Rather than be prosecuted by humanity, Magneto seeks to create a world where mutants can prosper.  While his old friend Charles chooses to see humanity through an optimistic eye, Magneto sees only harsh reality.  The scariest part?  He’s almost always right.

2. Silver Surfer

Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be!  Silver Surfer is the ultimate underrated hero.   He’s an endless pool of intelligence and power.  Not to mention he’s possibly the most genuinely noble character in the entire Marvel universe.  I think Galactus said it best: “…The most honorable being I have ever known.”  Also, how groovy is that space-board?

1. Spider-man 

He’s been my personal favorite super hero for as long as I can remember.  To this day he remains the most relatable super hero ever.  When he isn’t wearing the suit, he’s one of us.  He struggles with relationships, school work, family issues,  and financial issues….. all alongside radioactive lizard men and vampires.  This creates a genuine bond with the reader, and is why he’s my 1#.


So what did you think of my list? Surprised? Not surprised?  Let me know your top ten!


8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Marvel Comic Book Characters

  1. Deadpool being “the goofy side of Marvel” is something that bugs me, because he’s actually not supposed to be. He’s supposed to be funny, sure, but more important, he’s supposed to be tragic. If you read the Joe Kelly run, there’s plenty of humour, but there’s also plenty of drama. He dumped his two best friends into a small room filled with traps because he was angry at them, and it wasn’t something played for laughs, it was played for the horror that it was.

    As far as my top 10: Kitty, Cyclops, Karma, Miss America, Finesse, Rockslide, June Covington (when written by Kelly Sue DeConnick), Monet, Lady Stilt-Man, Sylvie (a teen Enchantress). The new Ms. Marvel is making her way very high on my list already. I’m a big fan of female characters, and of characters that don’t get much love.

    • I’m almost afraid to admit that I only knew two of the characters in your top ten! It’s really a testament to the size of the universe I think. As for your Deadpool comment, I can’t say that I’ve been exposed to that side the character before. Everything I’ve read as been whimsical goofy humor, I may have to check out the Joe Kelly run huh? Thanks for the comment!

      • I will admit that the current Duggan/Posehn run, while it started as stupid comedy, did bring in the tragic element starting with the The Good, The Bad and The Ugly arc, and has had an OK balance since then. And yeah, Marvel’s got a lot of characters, but most of them don’t get the attention they deserve. Karma, in particular, is criminally underappreciated – she was one of the original New Mutants, back in the ’80s, but somehow, few writers wanted to use her, and fewer could think of anything to do with her. She’s Vietnamese, a lesbian, a rape survivor, a Catholic, the caretaker for her two younger siblings, she became an amputee a few years ago – she may be the single most diverse character in comics, and yet she gets no love.

        Miss America’s primarily from last year’s fantastic Young Avengers – Latina, lesbian, dimension-hopper, and so badass that even the laws of physics can kiss her ass.

        Finesse was from Avengers Academy. She’s got a photographic memory, but has trouble interacting with people.

        Rockslide’s from New X-Men: X-Men Academy. He’s made of rock. And he’s hilarious.

        Monet debuted in Generation X in the ’90s, spent the past few years in X-Factor under Peter David, and is now appearing in the excellent X-Men by Brian Wood. She’s Moroccan, superstrong, tough, telepathic, flies – she’s pretty much perfect, and she knows it, and her arrogance is a large part of her charm.

        Lady Stilt-Man is a villain, a female legacy of the original Stilt-Man. Sylvie is another villain, a teenage girl with some magical powers, who’s fought the Young Avengers and the Avengers Academy. She’s adorable. She really is.

        June Covington is also a villain, and is gloriously demented. She’s a Mad Scientist type. She doesn’t care about world domination, she just loves experimenting with genetics.

        I’m guessing Kitty and Cyclops are the two you’ve heard of, since they were in the X-Men movies. Even if Cyclops was barely even a character in them. Bleh.

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