Beta Time: My Experience With the Hardline & Destiny Betas

Over the past week I’ve had the privilege of getting my hands on the betas for Destiny and Battlefield: Hardline, two of this year’s most anticipated shooters.  Now keep in mind, these beta trials are not the final versions of their respective games, so any criticisms I may voice about features or gameplay could still be altered by the time the final product is finished.  Anyway I’d thought I’d share my experience with you all. I’m going to save the best for last and start off with the Battlefield: Hardline Beta.

Cops and robbers in next-gen glory

It’s an exciting move to announce a beta for a highly anticipated game in a live press conference like E3.   It was even more exciting to see them announce that the beta was available at that exact moment.  It was a cool move, but the execution was spotty. I was lucky enough to download the beta among all the server errors and rage.  So what did I think of it?  The first thing I noticed when I went in-game was how similar it was to BF4.  That’s just something you’ll have to get used to if you’re excited for this game.  But for all the familiar, there was still some new.

“You’ll never take me alive!”

For example, the new game modes were a breath of fresh air.  They felt more intense and past paced than anything BF4 had to offer.  There’s nothing in BF4 that’s quite like racing down a street carrying a bag of cash while being chased.  Personally I think the change of pace is a smart move, it helps the game form it’s own identity in the Battlefield lineup.  The game modes that I got to play were also much more infantry focused than previous games.  Make no mistake, vehicles are still a big part of the game, their roles are just a little toned down is all.  It felt like just a little shuffle closer to the Call of Duty side, for better or for worse.

“I knew I shouldn’t have stolen that Klondike bar….”

Overall the game was decent.  There were a few features that made it stand out from it’s predecessor, but it’s still remarkably similar.  I’d still feel much better buying Hardline if it was a big $30 DLC or something like that…..but we’ll just see how this goes. Next up is the Destiny Beta, and oh boy was it exciting.

Hands on with Destiny, freaking finally!

I went into Destiny with a level head. I tried to be realistic with my expectations, so that I wouldn’t fool myself or be disappointed.   Regardless I couldn’t help but let a little hype sink in.  Now I’m being honest, Destiny blew me away.  It was better than I’d expected or hoped, and that’s saying awful lot! I don’t think I had fully realized just how vast this game was.  I had access to one planet and one gamemode(pvp), and was still able to spend hours in this game.  The world is so vast and open.  Once you beat the first level you can literally go anywhere you want.  It was the closest feeling to Skyrim I’ve had since….well…Skyrim!

The wait is worth it….the wait is so worth it.

The player customization was fantastic, the variation of detailed armor and weapons rival that of any other competitor, the social features were seamless, and the gameplay was smooth and crisp.  I also discovered a whole side of Destiny I didn’t even know was coming,” Crucible matches”!  What are Crucible matches?  Well, picture a traditional Halo style 6v6 multiplier, that seamlessly uses your equipment from the open world.  It’s like a whole entire second game packaged in almost.  It’s almost as if they took this entire open world game, and slapped on a Halo-ey multiplayer on it.  I knew Destiny was a gem, I didn’t know it was going be an entire goldmine.

Oh Destiny, can we be friends forever?

I really enjoyed the Destiny Alpha, could you tell? So, did you get a chance to try out either of these games?  If so, what did you think?  Are you planning on buying either of them, both maybe? Let me know!



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