Could 2015 be The Greatest Year for Gaming in Recent History?

I think a lot of people out there don’t quite realize what’s coming.  No wallet shall be safe.  2015 may be one of the most monstrous years for gaming in recent history.  Why is that? Well due to all the delays that have been going on, many of the highly anticipated titles from this year which were slated for a fall release have now been pushed to early 2015 spring release.  Now, presuming that some of the 2015 games don’t get delayed, we’re going to see the year packed with big games from spring till fall.

*sniff sniff* Smells like delayed game.

To give some perspective, I’ll list a few of the games that have caught my eye, which are coming out around 2015 as of now. Arkham Knight, Witcher 3, The Order 1886, BloodBorne, Little Big Planet 3, No Man’s Sky, Battlefront 3, DOOM, Mortal Kombat X, New Mass Effect(?), Uncharted 4, Treyarch COD, SOMA, Let It Die, Tomb Raider 2, Dead Island 2, Dying Light, Abzu, Division, Mad Max, Homefront: The Revolution, and Treyarch’s COD.  That’s only a sample.  Easily I could buy over 10 $60 games next year, and still have more I wished I could buy.  I’m almost at a loss for words.

That’s a lot of games…..

So could 2015 be one of the biggest years for gaming ever? Well there’s a strong possibility.  The amount of games, awesome games, is just mind boggling.   Let’s just say I think my back list from 2015 will be enough to carry me through 2016 without ever having to buy a single game.  This also may be the first year where the next gen consoles really get to shine.  The exclusives have been trickling in very, very slowly so far.  I mean what, we’re down to Infamous Second Son and Drive Club now for all of 2014? Pretty sad.  2015 may be the first year to fix this shortage.

I’m happy to see new exclusives! Not so happy to see the nightmare inducing zombie dog in Bloodborne, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

So what games are you looking forward to in 2015? DOOM, Mortal Kombat X, The Order 1886, Tomb Raider 2, Arkham Knight, and Battlefront 3 probably top out my personal list.  Do you think 2015 will be one of the biggest years for gaming ever?


3 thoughts on “Could 2015 be The Greatest Year for Gaming in Recent History?

    • That game looks seriously awesome! As for your question….well that’s a tough one. Personally I chose the PS4. Now it’s worth noting the Xbox One has made some major strides since it’s initial release, but personally I still have to give the upper hand to the PS4. It’s cheaper, more powerful, and has a better lineup, in my humble opinion. Also if it’s Arkham Knight you’re mainly excited for, there will exclusive “Scarecrow Nightmare Missions” available only on PS4. Either way, there’s no right or wrong choice, they’re both good. Thanks for commenting!

  1. Hmm you are onto something here… lol It’s scary because yea alot of the great games got pushed back and now I am afraid to even think how my wallet will be looking come 2015. For 2014 the major ones I really want to get are Destiny and COD and BF Hardline… The others in time I will prob get who knows. 1886 though… after seeing that gameplay I feel a bit questionable on because the way it played…

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