So How Was E3 2014?

Well, it’s been a long day.  The first and arguably most important part of E3, the press conferences, is over.  So how’d it go?  Well….not the best, in my opinion.  There’s always feverish anticipation before an E3, it’s kind of a big deal to us gamers after all, but unfortunately I think it failed to live up to the hype this around.  I said before hand that this needed to be the E3 where Sony and Microsoft show us why we bought our next-gen consoles, I can’t help but think they failed in that regard.

E3 is always an exciting time for gamers.

First to the plate was Microsoft, I watched their conference even though I don’t own an Xbox One, in the interest of equality.  I gotta say, Xbox has really cleaned up their act since last year.  They made it all about the games, which I appreciate.  Unfortunately there was no jaw dropper moment, nothing that blew your socks off.  It was almost all games we already knew about.  The biggest reveal was the Master Chief Collection, aka, the “me crying because I won’t get to play it” game.  It’s always kind of sad when your biggest announcement is a remake of older games though.  I thought Phil Spencer was great, there’s no doubt the Xbox brand is benefiting because of him. He seemed appropriately humble and sincere.  I loved how he didn’t ignore the fact that the Xbox One is a totally different console today than it was when it was announced, and mentioned all that stuff about the community helping to shape the console’s future.  It was the best way to deal with situation, I gotta hand it to him.

Microsoft has cleaned up their act, big time.

As for the Sony side of the equation…..things were mediocre as well.  I own a PS4, so I was excited to hear about what exclusives were in store for me.  I was disappointed by the small numbers. The exclusives they did show looked fantastic, The Order 1886, Bloodborne, and Uncharted looked stunning!  I just wish there was more to marvel at.  I would go amiss if I didn’t mentioned their “wonder book” moment however.  The middle of the conference was very slow, I even muted it to check youtube for a few minutes.  Rather ironically, they were trying to hype us up about their other media options besides games!  Freaky Friday E3? The show needed less grueling lengthy moments, like that guy spending 15 minutes talking about his show that no one really cared about at the time.  It needed some trimming let’s just say.  Once again there was no jaw dropper moment here!  Nothing too insane to get excited for, that we didn’t already know about.

After last year’s E3, my expectations for high for Sony.

The exclusives for both consoles were severely lacking.  Oddly enough it seemed like Microsft and Sony were mostly just taking turns showing off various 3rd party titles that would be available on both consoles anyway!  And that brought about a trend I wasn’t too happy with.  It seemed like it was more about exclusive content for 3rd party games, instead of 1st party exclusives.  There was too much “Get DLC first here, get the Beta first here, timed exclusive here, exclusive content here, etc.”  Let’s hope this isn’t a new trend.  I think it should be about games, not about who gets DLC first.

Plenty of cross system 3rd party stuff to get excited about at least!

E3 this year wasn’t without it’s moments.  The Arkham Knight Scarecrow trailer, Tomb Raider 2, the Halo Collection, a few cool exclusives, some awesome looking indie games for both systems.  It just wasn’t the knock out I was hoping for.  let’s just be glad there was no “PEGGLE 2!!” or Usher dancing.   So what did you guys think?  What was your favorite moment? Disappointing overall or not?


3 thoughts on “So How Was E3 2014?

  1. lol oddly my favorite moment was the announcement to GTA5 being release for PS4… i thought it was crazy. Now I want my Final Fantasy 7 for PS4…would be great…. soon 🙂 lol

    • When GTA5 was coming out I was still saving every last penny for my PS4 and some new games for it. And then my old Xbox 360 finally kicked the bucket (just in time), so I missed out on the game entirely. It was so insanely popular, it might be fun to see what all the fuss was about now.

      • Oh damn so ya get it for ps4… lol in all honesty you missed out on the crazyness… we even had a time where online some people hacked it so they put billion dollar bounties on people… we had so much money and rock star took it back… lol good days … can’t wait to play on the ps4 version

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