Top 5 Worst Comic Book Character to Movie Transitions

I think I’ve got a pretty fun post this time around.  The trip from the page to the big screen be a treacherous journey, especially for comic book characters.  It’s often said that a character is “too comic booky” for a real movie.  This usually results in the characters being toned down or drastically re-imagined.  However if Marvel’s film studio has shown us anything, it’s that these characters can translate onscreen just fine, all the while remaining true to their original comic books forms.  I mean we’re getting a Guardians of the Galaxy movie for crying out loud!

We’re getting Rocket Raccoon in a movie…all “that would look too weird onscreen” arguments are now void.

So what are some examples of characters who’s on screen execution got totally botched for one reason or another?  Well I’ve prepared a personal top five list for you all.  These are my top five worst comic book character to movie translations.  Now keep in mind, I’m ranking these characters by disappointment, not necessarily by continuity.  Some of these characters may be relatively true to the comics, but were still disappointing.   It’s the execution I’m picking on.

5. Mandarin 

Yooou’lll neveeeerr see meee cominng

Okay this one is kind of a grey area.  That’s why it’s only at number five.  This situation is very unique.  I’ve chosen the Mandarin from Iron Man 3. This interpenetration of the Mandarin actually looked like it was going to be great, and it was up until a certain portion of the movie.  Fans were treated to the rather odd revelation that the “Mandarin” was only a goofy British actor named Trevor who was working for the real masterminds.  You can imagine the disappointment…..he is supposed to be Iron man’s Arch nemesis after all. Now they’re hinting that the Mandarin still technically exists in the cinematic universe and “Trevor” was only using him as inspiration, either way it’s a mess.

It was so close to being cool!

4. Venom 


Venom was easily the biggest disappointment in a movie laden with disappointments.  Honestly, nothing about him was executed properly, at least in my opinion.  His physical appearance was lacking, his involvement in the story was forced, his portrayal was just pitiful, and last but not least…….why did he keep peeling back the symbiote whenever he talked?!   Fans were clamoring for Venom big time, but if they’d known what their demands would eventually get them….they may have just kept quiet!

Don’t worry buddy, your time is coming.

3. Doctor Doom

I guess you could say this movie was “Doomed.”

Think about Doctor Doom.  What are some traits you would use to describe him? Powerful, authoritative, intellectual, bad ass?  Unfortunately, none of these traits could be used to describe his performance in the Fantastic Four movies.  His portrayal just seemed…..weak.  He didn’t seem like Doctor Doom at all.  He just dropped a few cheesy one liners and then got his ass kicked. That was it.  For one of Marvels coolest Super Villains, you’d have hoped for more.

I don’t know who that charlatan onscreen was, but he wasn’t Doom.

2. Deadpool 

Merc with….out a mouth?

I’m gonna be honest, Ryan Reynolds was a great choice to play to Deadpool.  And you know what, his brief appearance as Pre-Deadpool Wade Wilson at the beginning of the film wasn’t too bad!  It was once he was turned into “Deadpool” that things started to go bad.  Deadpool was reinterpreted as a…. weird mindless zombie experiment thingy.  This creature had nothing, nothing, in common with Deadpool.  He couldn’t even speak, his mouth was stuck shut.  That alone means he isn’t really Deadpool.  Disappointing doesn’t even begin to cover it!

I’m sorry for what they did to you man……I’m so sorry….

1. Galactus 

Yup. That’s him. The space cloud.

How do you really, really mess up a character?  By turning him into a fart cloud from space! I don’t think I need to really even go into detail on this one…..I mean they turned him into a cloud.  Now I’ve had people ask me before “Oh would you really have preferred a giant purple man wearing a chef hat?”  Why yes I would’ve!  To be fair, he’s not the easiest character to transfer to the silver screen (heh, get it?) but it could have been done.  Like I said earlier, if they can put Rocket Raccoon in a movie, they can make a giant planet eating Aztec space god.

What could have been….

So what did you think of my list?  Do you agree or disagree with my choices?   Who did I leave out?  Let me know!




4 thoughts on “Top 5 Worst Comic Book Character to Movie Transitions

  1. It seems like its a tough gig trying to get these major characters on the big screen. Hopefully in time they actually shape it up because in all honesty I feel they had no excuse for deadpool lol. Hopefully they get another stab at it or he gets his own movie or something.

    • Deadpool definitely needs to get another “stab” at his own movie. Ba dum tshh. But what you’re saying is very true, it’s not always easy getting these characters on screen, and we fans are usually kind of picky to be honest! Not an easy gig at all.

  2. I agree 100% with all the characters you listed! Venom in Spiderman 3 made my soul cringe. I might also add the Penguin, Green Lantern, and Mr. Freeze… *shudders*

    • Thanks for reading! I easily could have made a list twice as long, I know I left out a few biggies, like the ones your mentioned. Especially Mr. Freeze….his portrayal was just chilling.

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