My Opinion on the Call of Duty Series & Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty.  It’s one of the biggest most popular game franchise in existence.  Naturally,  It also happens to be one of the most controversial as well!  I want to clarify that this isn’t going to be a Call of Duty hate article.  There are already plenty of those!  This is simply going to be an article were I share how I feel about the series, and my thoughts on the next upcoming installment.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s begin!

My first Call of Duty game

Interestingly enough, I hadn’t played a Call of Duty game until Call of Duty: Black ops.  The reason being I didn’t own a current console until well into their life cycles, a fact you may remember from my first post!   Of course, I got hooked.  Black Ops, MW3, and Black Ops 2 were my jam.  I personally find it rather ironic that I got into Call of Duty around the same time people started disliking it!  Apparently I had just missed the golden age.  Regardless I enjoyed them.

At the beginning, Call of Duty was frenetic and carefree fun.

I’m not gonna lie, I had fun with my little Call of Duty romp.  The game was smooth, fast paced, addicting, and most importantly: fun to play.  Not to mention the zombie mode, oh man was I into the zombie game mode!  I was one of those people who spent hours running in circles trying to beat my old high scores.  Like I said, it was fun, and that’s all I cared about.  My Call of Duty experience didn’t begin to go stale until Call of Duty: Ghosts.  That was the first time I’d say I was ever really a part of the “Call of Duty cycle” if you will.

Nothing like leading zombies around in circles for hours….and hours….and hours….

It wasn’t completely Ghost’s fault of course.  At the same time I started getting back into other games like Battlefield and Warframe.  I started to find I was growing increasingly bored with Ghosts, the game was just a resounding “meh.”  Compared to all these new games I was getting into, it was even worse!  I found that the game frequently annoyed me, that I was ending every game session by rage quitting.  Perhaps most importantly, I began to realize how terrible the player base was, compared to any of the other games I played.  The main reason I played Call of Duty was to have fun, and I just wasn’t having fun anymore.  Call of Duty’s star was fading, for me.

Things started to go downhill after this game.

Now of course, it’s time for Advanced Warfare!  So the question is, will I buy it?  I’ll say this, I’m certainly less enamored with Call of Duty at this point.  I’ve rediscovered that I prefer other game experiences, and other player bases.  Now, there’s still a chance I might pick it up.  If I grow tired of Destiny, or any of the other games I’ll be picking up this year, then I’ll certainly give it a chance.  After all, it’s a new set of developers, maybe they’ll shake things up?  Advanced Warfare isn’t at the stop of any of my most anticipated game lists, but I still may cave in.

Maybe things will change…

I apologize is this came off as regular old Call of Duty hate, I was only expressing my opinions.  So what are your thoughts on the Call of Duty Franchise?  Will you be picking up Advanced Warfare? Let me know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “My Opinion on the Call of Duty Series & Advanced Warfare

  1. My friends and I spoke about how call of duty needs to take a step up and do something random… we came up with Medieval Warfare…. lol

    • The good news is we may not be too terribly far from something like that. We already have pirate ghosts, Predator, Mike Myers, etc. It seems like they slowly be embracing the crazy side. Time will tell I guess, thanks for commenting!

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