Delays, the Good the Bad the Ugly

Over the past year it seems a new trend has appeared in the development cycle of many new games, my fellow gamers, we are in the Age of The Delay.  What do games such as The Order 1886, Destiny, Batman: Arkham Knight, Driveclub, and Watchdogs all have in common?  They’ve all been delayed. It seems one big block buster game after another was pushed to or from this year.  As disappointing but increasingly unsurprising as these delays are, there is often good reason for them.

My most anticipated game of 2013….or well it was.

There’s not doubt about it, delays suck.  It’s never fun when a highly anticipated game gets pushed to the sidelines.  So the question needs to be asked, should this happen or not?  Well, games are never delayed just for fun.  There’s always a reason, most often it’s “we wanted to add an extra layer of polish.”  Now I know it’s tempting to just say “screw your extra polish!” but that may not be the best idea.  I think Shigeru Miyamoto said it best with this quote: “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”  I think Battlefield 4 is probably the best recent example of this.  Let’s be honest, BF4’s release was a nightmare.  The game barely even worked at launch, omitting the ability to save, working servers, and half the gamemodes.  The game really should’t have even gone off the shelves that year.   Even today they’re still trying to iron out some of the game’s issues.  It’s playable now, but now the BF record has become very tarnished.

It was a fun game……when it worked.

Can you imagine those types of issues with some of these other games?  I mean imagine booting up Destiny for the first time ever and then having a log in error.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather wait a little longer to play a polished game than have a buggy mess that came out earlier.  That’s all well and good, but does it let game devs completely off the hook?  Nope!

R.I.P most anticipated game of 2014…..

It’s clear that somebody needs to learn to estimate better.  In my opinion, a release date shouldn’t even be on the table until a realistic development calender is in place.  Once or twice is fine, but situations where we have games being delayed every other month isn’t.  It’s bad for everyone.  First off, it kills hype.  There is nothing that can kick a game to the sideline faster than a “oh never mind it’ll be later sometime next year.” You see a trailer, see a little bit of gameplay, see a date, start getting really hyped and denined! I think it’s fair to say it’s in everyone’s best interest not to let that happen.

Just me….waiting for Destiny to come out….again.  By the way, are we gonna get new launch trailers or are they just going to re-run the  old ones?

So to summarize, delays suck and they kill hype, but at least there’s a reason for them.  Let’s just hope that this a little hiccup brought on by the introduction of the next gen and not a new standard.





2 thoughts on “Delays, the Good the Bad the Ugly

  1. First off the quotes on under the pic… how? lol thats awesome… second off i agree with you so much on it… if a game has a delay… its heartbreaking at first but yes i rather it be delayed then have to play something horrible. When I grabbed my ps4 i was so excited because at home i had 3 games waiting… my favorite amongst the 3 was Battlefield 4. I was so ready… I didn’t even want to play multiplayer with my friends i wanted to dive right into the story mode to see the madness…. Was great not gonna lie everything running so smoothly. Running from a helicopter and all… played most the night… then i hopped on COD with some friends and finished up the night. The next day excited to play and try to beat BF4… my save was not there… >_> this happen about 3 more times and now i fear trying to play the single player campaign… lol So yes… if it delays… im with it… it hurts… but love hurts sometimes lol its best to be patient and wait

    • Glad to hear I’m not alone on this! Your BF4 experience sounds familiar for some reason….. And to add those little quotations, you write in the “caption” box underneath the photo before you click insert into post. 🙂

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