My Thoughts On Battlefield: Hardline

So Battlefield: Hardline was recently announced, or leaked technically, and I must say it caught me by surprise.  There was some talk earlier this year about the possibility of Battlefield becoming an annual game series, but I believe they ended up deciding against it. Or not. I don’t know anymore! Regardless of the future policy of Battlefield: Hardline is coming this fall, let’s talk about that.

Battlefield: Hardline

When I first saw the leaked Hardline trailer I thought I was watching a BF4 DlC promo.  And I don’t mean that in a snarky degenerative way, I mean I genuinely thought I was watching a DLC video.  And I know it’s fun to make fun of games like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty, saying every game is a carbon copy of the last, but all joking aside Hardline looks like a gamemode expansion pack more than anything.   Thankfully, the game has a very unique theme to distract from that: Police.  I can’t tell you how glad I am that we’re not seeing another “modern warfare” themed game.  Theme can be such an underrated aspect in these types of games.  Sure sometimes it’s just a fresh coat of paint, but at least it’s a hot-rod now.   The police/heist theme is a cool idea for sure, but execution is where it counts.

Battlefield is renowned for it’s massive scale and epic battles, so the question is how are they going to pack that experience into a heist themed game?  Think about it, Tanks, Dirt Bikes, Jets, Warships, none of that organically works into the theme.  While it’s scary to consider the idea the core essence of Battlefield may be smothered, I have to admit some of the new gamemodes look fun.  I think that may just be this game’s saving grace, it looks fun to play.  I mean pulling off heists with your buddies in Battlefield?  That’s a guaranteed good time right there.  After all, F is for friends who do stuff stuff together. U is for you and me. N is for…sorry I’ll stop.

Love it or hate it, BF4 had it’s moments.

Let’s not forget one of the most notable aspects of the game, aside from the new theme.  It’s being developed by Visceral Games, not long time developer DICE.  Visceral has quite a few games under their belt, but chances are you may know them best as the developers of Dead Space.  What does this mean then?  Well, it could mean nothing.  I mean if they’re just sort of slapping a game together using assets from BF4’s library, you may not even notice there’s a new dev.  However, if they put a spin on it, probably in the campaign, it may be substantial.   This is one of those things you just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Uhhh, this doesn’t mean we’re getting a boatload of gore in BF now right?

So….will I be picking up the game?  Probably, eventually.  Battlefield’s saving grace is the fact that it’s so damn fun to play with friends, and I’ve got group of friends who are probably gonna pick it up.   This is a big reason why all these types of game sell so well, you always end up caving in because of peer pressure!  I’m not expecting anything ground breaking from Hardline, I’m just hoping for a fun time.  And let’s avoid those launch issues this time huh?  I’d like to actually be able to save my game this time.

I’m not expecting the world, so at least I won’t be disappointed.


3 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Battlefield: Hardline

  1. Wow nice catch on the video. Now i’m def more excited than when i saw the cover art for the game and heard what it will be about lol. The “hype factor” is building.

      • no prob just showing my support the same way you have. Also yea its pretty original with the battle of battlefield vs cod… its def something i am really looking forward to

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