The Amazing Spider-Man, What I Think so Far

This is going to be something a little different.  I’m writing my first comic book post, which I’ll be adding from time to time, if that’s alright with you folks.  Now I’ve only recently gotten into comic book collecting, so I’m not any kind of expert.  These are just the opinions of fan, nothing more nothing less.  Comic book collecting hasn’t been easy, temptation is everywhere! There’s so many different series, following so many different characters.  I swear I could spend my entire income on comics if I wanted.  But….Spider-Man is my all time favorite super hero, so you can imagine my delight when I realized he was being given a new series, a new 1# issue.  I couldn’t have asked for a better time to jump on board with a Spidey comic!  Here’s what I think so far.

It’s no secret, Spider-Man is my favorite.

The Amazing Spider-Man follows up on the happenings of the ever so eventful Superior Spider-Man.   If you’re not familar with that series, it’s the one where Otto Switches minds with Peter, leaving him in his dying body, making Otto the new “Peter Parker.”  Now you see what I mean by eventful huh?  Now Peter has regained consciousness over his own body, and is back in the swing of things!  This new series primarily follows the fallout of these events, as you might expect.  The life that Otto lead inside Peter’s body has had a big effect, and many consequences, consequences that are now up to Parker to deal with.

He’s back baby!

Otto’s little romp certainly left a lot for Peter to deal with.  He now owns his own company, where he works as the CEO and chief cyberneticist. He is in a committed relationship with a woman he barely knows.  He’s in a bad way with the Avengers, who have recently questioned “his” new personality and sense of morality.  Not mention Otto’s made a few enemies….enemies who aren’t likely to buy the “oh that was someone else in my body” excuse.  And worst of all…..all his ringtones are changed.  It’s a fun premise, and one that they’ve handled very well so far.  I’m particularity enjoying Peter’s new relationship with Anna Maria, Otto’s, or his, Girlfriend.  It’ll be interesting to see how their relationship changes and progresses over time.  But…..what about MJ?  So far MJ’s received only a single panel out of the two comics now released, I can only say I hope they don’t ignore her existence much longer!

Come back MJ!

Let’s visit the Villain side of things shall we? The setup for Black Cat and the ever so mysterious “Silk” has got me excited for some of the upcoming drama.  However, personally I don’t think Electro is quite as exciting, and feels a bit more like a “filler” villain for now.  He not a bad villain, and has been handled decently so far, but let’s just say I can’t wait for Silk to make her appearance.


All in all, I think the Amazing Spider-Man is off to a good start.  The story premise has been immensely entertaining and original, and the setup for future issues has me excited and ready to come back for me.  And of course, at the heart of everything, Spideys little jokes and quips re-invigorate the “core” of what a Spider-Man Comic should be.  I’ll be following TASM monthly for sure!


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