How I Was Introduced to Gaming

I figured delivering the story of my introduction and progression through gaming would be as appropriate a first post as any.   Real quick however, I want to take a brief moment to encourage you to interact with this page, and this blog in general.  I can guarantee all comments will be read and replied to, that’s half the fun isn’t it?  If you have a blog yourself, post it!  It won’t be considered spam as long as it’s relevant.   Now, let’s get started shall we?

I’ve been gaming since a relatively young age,  from about the age of 6 or 7.  I’d been aware of the existence of consoles and gaming in general, but I’d always assumed it was something that was simply of out of reach for me and my family.  At the time my mother worked at a daycare, which us children would often visit.  The daycare had recently opened up a new section, something they called “The Big Kid Room.”  The idea was that this would be an area where older children could interact with things too delicate or advanced for toddlers.  Among the Legos, models, and Bionicles, they had a Nintendo 64.  This would be the first console I ever played.  They had several games for the system, but I mainly played Super Mario 64 and Ninja Turtles.

Ahhh, the memories. This is where gaming started for me.

Of course, you can imagine my response to such a wonderful revelation.  Immediately I asked my parents if we owned such a marvelous machine.  We didn’t, but that gave my dad the perfect excuse to purchase my first ever console: the PS1. While the PS1 wasn’t really the Nintendo 64, I fell in love with it just the same.  I was too young to know or care about the differences between the two.  I’ve always suspected my dad was waiting for me to ask this question, because among the first batch of games we bought, he picked up Mortal Kombat. Yes, Mortal Kombat, the series that lead to the creation of the ESRB….for his 7 year old son.  Don’t worry, I turned out alright….mostly.


After the PS1, I moved on to the Gamecube.  Say what you wanted about the Gamecube, it’s probably my second favorite console to date.  You can’t beat that little start up jingle. I’ll never forget how my parents presented it to me either.  They bought me a Gamecube game as a Christmas present, and acted as if they didn’t realize it wouldn’t run on the PS1.  I politely informed them that I loved the gift, but that it wouldn’t run on our system.  Of course that’s when they revealed the Gamecube. I always thought that was clever. Previously I had only owned a couple games on the PS1, but over the years I’d come to own over 30+ games for the Gamecube.  Some of my favorites included: Sonic Adventures 2, Majora’s Mask, Star Fox Adventures, Spider-Man 2, Wind Waker, and Tak & the Power of Juju, to name a few.

Anyone remember how awesome these games were?

After the Gamecube came the PS2.  I was very fond of the PS2, but never quite owned as many games for it as I did the Gamecube.  Interestingly enough, I would often choose to play the Gamecube even when I had the PS2 as an option.  In retrospect I find this a little ironic, since the PS2 was so popular and the Gamecube is often joked about.  Unfortunately, I was stuck playing the PS2 and Gamecube even when Xbox 360 and PS3 were released.   After a while I grew tired of playing the sames games over and over, so I made a decision. I tried out PC gaming, where I meet my one true love, TF2.

You have no idea how into this game I was….

TF2 was a turning point in my path through gaming.  It was my first ever multiplayer game, as well as my first PC game.  I played that game for over four years, and over 1500 hours.  Needles to say, I was into that game.  Downloading TF2 required you have a Steam account, which only further lead me down the rabbit hole. Half Life 2, L4D, Portal, Counter Strike, LOTRO, it was a downhill slide.  The gaming train was going at full speed, and there were no brakes.

Hours seemed to vanish when playing this game for some odd reason…

During my later teen years, I finally picked up an Xbox 360 slim.  The good news is I was able to get “caught up” with the modern day titles.   The bad news is I stopped PC gaming, for good.  The ease of console gaming won me over.  I spent countless hours in Halo 3 & Reach, Call of Duty, Alan Wake, Skyrim, Crysis, and the Arkham games.  After several years, the next gen arrived I and purchased a PS4.  And that leads us full circle into modern day.  Although it was a bit of a rocky journey, I’d be lying if I claimed I didn’t enjoy every second of it.  And now?  I’m a hopeless game addict with no end in sight, welcome to my blog!

Spent a lot of time with these folks

Spent a lot of time with these folks



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