Random Top Fives


The following blog post will actually have nothing to do with video games or comics!  Instead I’ve compiled a completely random assembly of top 5 lists.  Why?  Because I felt like it for some reason, I’m not too sure!  Perhaps you’ll all learn a little more about me! Without further ado, here we go!

Top Five Bands (and my favorite songs from each)

5. Beastie Boys

I’ll admit, Beastie boys hovers right over the edge of a genre of music I really don’t care for, but someone that just makes them all the more enjoyable to me.

4. Metallica

I love me some heavy metal….as long as I’m in the right mood for it.  And when it comes to heavy metal, Metallica is my favorite.

3. Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam, they’re just all around fantastic.

2.  U2

Ain’t love the sweetest thing.  U2 again is just an all around fantastic band, first concert I went to was a U2 concert in fact!

1. Band of Horses

I never actually knew who Band of Horses were, until they opened for Pearl Jam in Kansas city.  I instantly fell in love with them….and bought a lot of their CDs….I love their sound.

Top Five Comedians 

5. Daniel Tosh

This guy has no limits.  There doesn’t seem to be a single topic that isn’t up for debate with Mr. Tosh, and it’s hilarious.  If you’re not sure where your personal line of decency lies, you’ll probably find it listening to his stand ups.

4. Russel Peters

Russel is hilarious.  He is the master of accents, and often utilizes his iconic “stereotypical Indian accent” as well as any of number of cultures and racial slurs.  He makes pokes fun at many different cultures and races, but it’s okay because everyone is being made fun of.

3. Gabriel Iglesias

Fluffy! Gabriel is one of the more down to earth comedians.  He is always very involved with his community, and is always exerting his gratefulness to his fans.  His comedy mostly comes from his life experiences, which is very unique, and always hilarious.  Not mention he is fantastic had doing voices and sound fx with a mic!

2. Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle is one of the greatest comedians ever, hands down.  In fact, he is responsible for my all time favorite stand up show “killing them softly.” Something about his voice, his mannerisms, he’s just a funny dude.  And he does racial humor like no one else, best in the world.

1.  Louis ck

And my all time favorite comedian is: Louis ck.  His style just so perfect.  He perfectly captures the cynicism of our world, and isn’t afraid to vent.   He’s one of those comedians where you know everything he’s saying, no matter how dark, is actually true….which just makes even more funny. He’s simply the best.

Top Five Disney Songs 

5. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

4. I Want to Be Like You

3. We Are One

2. Be A Man

1. Friends on the Other Side

Top Five Stupid Movies 

I realize this one may need a bit of explanation. These are my favorite “dumb” movies.  Movies that are just plain goofy and can’t really be taken seriously, but you just have to love.

5. Ernest Goes to Camp

Yup…this movie is stupid. Really stupid.  But it also has it’s funny moments!  The sometimes over the top acting ends up being genuinely hilarious.  And man alive, this movie is quotable.  It’s worked it’s way into my every day lingo.

4. What About Bob?

I think it’s easiest if I just explain the premise for this one.  In this movie, Bill Murray plays a severely psychologically unwound “Bob.” The movie is about Bob crashing his Psychologists’s vacation, and at the same time slowly getting over his irrational fears.  Of course, as Bob regains his sanity, his psychologist begins to lose his!  To be fair, it’s not easy to put up with Bob.

3. Napoleon Dynamite


2. UHF

What happens when two idiots get heir own TV station? UHF, that’s what happens.  Half the movie is the story of the TV station’s stunning rise to fame…and the other half is the crazy stuff they air on it.  It’s pretty stupid, but it’s also pretty hilarious.  I’ll just leave you with this scene….

1. Dumb and Dumber

If you’ve seen this movie then…well…I don’t really need to explain do I?  If you haven’t seen this movie….then go see this movie!

So that wraps up my incredibly random and nonsensical blog post! And no don’t worry, posts like this won’t be the norm.   What do you think of all my choices of randomness?  Let me know your top five Comedians, Bands, Stupid Moves, and Disney songs on the comments!

Ultron’s Movie Design!

We’ve seen little bits of Avengers: Age of Ultron trickle in as the months creep by, including concept art of an epic Hulkbuster vs. Hulk battle, but this info may take the cake.  It would seems Ultron’s design has been unveiled!  Big news for me, Ultron is in my top ten favorite marvel characters (which you can see here).  Take a look below!


Looks fantastic! I love that they kept many of the elements from the original design as well, namely the iconic helmet design.  In the background you’ll also notice several Ultron-like robots, which I’d wager are Ultron’s drones.  This photo would seem to support the theory that these Ultron drones are modified versions of Tony’s Iron Man armor, notice in the upper right corner how one of the drones is using the feet/hands method of flying.  This to me is a strong indication that it’s using stark tech.

Here is the full magazine cover, for the curious.

So what do you think of Ultron’s design?  Personally I’m loving it, very sinister and faithful to the comics.  Let me know in the comments! The Age of Ultron is upon us!



My Favorite Game Developers

When it comes down to it, games are only as good as the gamer makers.  So for this post I’ve decided to pay tribute to some of my favorite game devs!  I’m choosing devs who consistently release great titles, are engaged with the community, and are just all around cool dudes.  Now having said that, let’s get started!


First up is Valve!  Now to be honest, Valve hasn’t been doing a lot in the way of new games recently.  It would seem supporting games like Dota 2 and TF2 have encompassed most their attention, that or they have some big surprises in store for us.  Either way it’s been quiet from valve in recent years.  Also their “steam box” journey seems a little misguided, in my opinion.  However all that aside, I can’t ignore the fact that most of my all time favorite games were created by these guys.  Games like the Portal and Half-Life series are timeless masterpieces, which will likely never be forgotten!  This may be more of  Nostalgia driven choice, but I felt like they deserved to be mentioned regardless.


The dudes at Bungie are just cool, there’s no getting around it.  The folks at Bungie are responsible for the Halo franchise as well as the highly anticipated Destiny.   When the first Halo came out, it basically sold the original Xbox.  Not to mention it paved the way for a new genre of console games.  And now the upcoming Destiny looks like it might renovate the genre once more!  Their impact on the gaming world is just too big for them to be left off this list.  Also, they are always very connected with their loyal fanbases and are perhaps one of the most “down to earth” triple A studios out there.

id Software 


Speaking of devs that had a big impact on gaming, there’s a good chance that many of the games we all enjoy today wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for id.  DOOM and Wolfenstein paved the way for the entire FPS genre, and changed the way people developed games.   The fine folks at id have some classics under their belt, that’s for sure.  However, they’ve released several new games as well, including RAGE and a new installment in the Wolfenstein franchise.  Not to mention their upcoming DOOM reboot…er…sequel? I’m not exactly sure.

Naughty Dog 

If you own a PlayStation console, then there’s a very strong possibility you’ve played a Naughty Dog game at some point.  Naughty Dog have some classics under their belt, like the Crash bandicoot series, as well as several modern block busters.   The folks at Naughty Dog seem to be gifted at consistently releasing 10/10 games.  The insane quality of their games alone is enough to get them on my list.  Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us, enough said!


These guys could be on here for the Elder Scrolls series alone!  These developers have an attention to detail, to say the least!  They have created some of the most intricate and detailed games ever.  Their games aren’t just games, they’re worlds for you to explore.  You can feel the care and craftsmanship that goes into each location you discover.  No one does RPG like Bethesda, that’s for sure.


So those are of my favorite developers! Who are your favorites? Let me know!

Why Are People Afraid of Mics?

Hello!  First off, I apologize for not posting anything in over a week now.  I was actually out on holiday for quite some time.  The good news is I’m back now.  Next time I’ll be sure to note any absences in advance so as not to leave anyone wondering.  Now onto the topic! I chose to write about something that’s been bothering me recently.   I’ve been playing on the PlayStation network for a while now and I’ve really been enjoying it.  However, I can’t help but notice something, or rather, lack of something.  It’s so quiet!

Hard to come up with a strategy when everyone is mute.

No one seems comfortable using their mic.  I find this very suprising!  The benefits of communication are obvious, and let’s face it, it’s often more enjoyable to play that way as well.  So are people apparently afraid to talk?  You’ll often here the excuse “I don’t have a mic” or something similar.  The odd thing is: that’s almost never true.  Both next gen consoles actually come with mics! They’re not great mics to be fair, but they work just the same.  Even so, it’s not that expensive to buy a gaming headset. A simple headset built primarily for communication is only about $20, regardless of the system you buy it.  It’s not as if $250 Astros are the only option!

Communication doesn’t have to be expensive, at all.

I’m a social introvert.  I’m shy and reclusive. However, even I’m not bothered by speaking through a headset!  I used to be that way, don’t get me wrong, but my eyes were opened to a few important facts.

You automatically have a lot in common with the people you’re speaking to. 

It’s true! It’s easier to talk to a like minded soul right? Well, if you’re talking to someone ingame, then you already have a ton in common.  Think about it! You like the same game, you own the same system, you share at least one hobby, etc.  Trust me, most people aren’t scary or alien.  I think you’ll realize they’re all a lot like you, at least more so than you thought!

It’s such a tactical advantage.

Communication is the most overpowered tool you can have access to in a game.  The simple power of the spoken word can make or break a game.  When you have a team of allies utilizing callouts, sharing strategies, sharing tips, etc; you’ve automatically got a massive foot forward.

Many games are just better when played with friends.

Okay, this one is more of an opinion.  To me, games are much better when played with friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments where I just want to be left in silence to my own devices, but more often than not a buddy to game with can make all the difference.

No one wants to roll alone!

So, those are my thoughts on communication in gaming.  Do you use your mics? What do you think of my reasoning? Let me know!  Also once more, sorry for not posting as often!

That Wizard Came From the Moon

Bungie has recently announced some of the changes they’ll be making now that they’ve received some feedback from the Alpha.   Now if you didn’t already know, I played the Alpha and absolutely loved it.  You can check out my initial reaction article here.   Perhaps the thing that surprised me most when playing the Alpha was how polished the game was.   I found no errors or glitches of any kind and the game ran smooth as jazz.  Remarkable.  I’m almost surprised they found stuff to change.

“See any glitches out there?”      “No sir! I’ll keep searching.”

Now all that being said, I thought I’d share some of my ideas for things they could improve on.  These are the main things I’d like to see improved upon or added in the final version of Destiny.

Voice Acting Changes

There were a few times while playing Destiny when I thought the voice acting was a little odd or out of place.  They’ve already confirmed that they’re changing up Peter Dinklage’s lines, but I didn’t even have an issue with that!  His delivery was a little mono-toned and uninterested sounding, but that didn’t bug me.  He was playing a robot after all!  It was the crucible voice acting that I had an issue with.  Every good multiplayer needs a great announcer.  Hearing that iconic “double kill!” after pulling off a sweet maneuver is really half the reward.  The announcer in the Destiny’s crucible mode is a little forgetful if even slightly annoying.  I’m not saying they need to go get a gruff military general to voice everything, but they could work on something a bit more memorable.  Maybe have Dinklage voice it?

We need more bad ass announcers!

More Dance Moves 

I want to get down with the boogie.  Probably half of my time in Destiny was spent losing myself to dance.  My only issue? I need more!  A wider more varied set of dance moves would amazing….maybe they could even devote a slot in the loudout to equip-able dance styles?  I don’t even care how silly that would look, I just need to dance!


Okay, this one isn’t technically something I had an issue with in the Alpha, but it is something they need to get right in the final game.   One of the coolest surprises for me in Destiny was finding out all my weapons, armor, and upgrades transferred over to the Crucible matches.  Now this is awesome, however it begs the question: how will this scale in the endgame?  In the Alpha all players had an early rank cap, but in the full game we’ll no doubt see a much wider array of player levels.  Wouldn’t a rank 30 player just melt a rank 8?  So how is this going to balance out?  Good match making?  Some sort of Crucible ranking system? Time will tell…I just hope they get it right.

They need to nerf the giant frog, like seriously.

So those were my thoughts on Destiny! What do you think?  Did you get to play the Alpha?  What do you think needs changing?  Leave a comment letting me know, or just to say “hi.”

Here comes Destiny…..prepare yourself.


Marvel Vs. DC

Marvel and DC are the two biggest names when it comes to the Comic industry, so naturally people like to compare and contrast them.  And so of course people will often ask the question “which is better?”  Now I love both, that’s the simple answer.  They both have their similarities and differences and I think they’re fantastic.  But that’s probably not the answer you wanted is it?  You probably want to know when push comes to shove, which is my personal favorite.  Well, here we go.

There are a number of factors you have to consider. However, no doubt one of the biggest factors is roster.  Who has a better lineup?  DC has some of the most iconic and recognizable heroes ever under their belt. After all, who doesn’t know about Batman and Superman?  However, I personally find that Marvel has a more varied and unique set of characters.  If Marvel’s proven anything lately, it’s that even characters who may have been considered “B-team” only need a good representation to launch them into Superhero stardom.  If I were to name some iconic DC heroes, I’d probably name some Justice league and Teen Titan members.  As for Marvel? They’ve got Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, Guardians of the Galaxy, to name a few.  The Marvel roster feels a bit more lively to me.

One thing that I do absolutely love about the DC universe is the general tone.  The DC universe is darker and a little more serious.  It’s also worth noting that my second favorite movie trilogy of all time was set in the DC universe.  I’m referring to the Dark Knight Trilogy if you hadn’t guessed yet.  Although, while we’re on the subject of movies, Marvel has been killing it lately.  Avengers, Iron Man, The Winter Soldier, and Thor: The Dark World are only a few examples of great movies that Marvel has produced in recent years, with plenty to look forward to in the future.

For me however, Marvel as an ace in the hole.  The cosmic side of their universe.  The Avengers and X-Men are great, but where Marvel really shines is outside of Earth.  We’re talking about the Nova Corps, Guardians of the Galaxy, Asgardians, Thanos, Galactus, Silver surfer, etc!  The vast and colorful cosmic universe that Marvel has painted is so intricate and creative, you have to appreciate it.



So, who wins? Well for me:

Marvel Wins  

So what did you think of my reasoning?  Which do you prefer? Let me know!

Comic Book Haul for June 2014

Hey guys!  I thought I’d do a different kind of post for today.  I wanted to share what I’m reading with you all, by listing and briefly discussing all of the titles I pick up monthly. Hopefully to create an environment of inclusion and community involvement.  You guys will have to let me know what titles you’ve picked up this month as well!  Keep in mind I’m very new to the world of comics and only primarily follow some of the popular Marvel series, for now.   Let’s get started!

Deadpool Vs. Carnage 4#

The climax of the Deadpool Vs. Carnage mini series, the fourth and final issue is finally out.  Overall the DvC series as been an enjoyable little romp, with it’s ups and downs.  For example, the comics follow a somewhat reptative pattern of Deadpool picking up on the “crazy wavelengths” to hunt carnage, fighting, Carnage escaping, and then repeating the process all over again.  Regardless it’s been very exciting seeing my two favorite madmen go toe to toe and finding a new perspective on insanity.  I should also mention the art and style really make the comic pop, which is great.

Thanos Annual 1#

Wait….what? I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this comic, and I think I got a bit more than i bargained for.  This story follows Thanos’s journey through time and space, exploring both the past and future of the Mad Titan himself.  I felt like I was watching a Star Trek episode for a second, with the multiple Thano-es and alternate realities….confusing but entertaining.  I probably need to brush up on my Thanos history and re-read this one!

Original Sin 3# 

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of the Original Sin so far.  I’ll most likely be writing a complete separate article on this later.  I must say however, this issue got my interest re-kindled!  I was a little annoyed with the pacing in the first several issues, how they moved forward without really moving forward.  Finally things are beginning to heat up! We’ll see how things go from here.

Original Sin 4# 

I haven’t gotten a chance to read this yet, however I’m excited to get started after the last issue.  Let’s hope the pacing is a little more brisk!

Amazing Spider-Man 3# 

I’ve been loving this series so far, it seems only to be getting better and better.  Probably my favorite this month.  This issue addressed quite a few of my concerns with the series so far, including the absence of MJ and Electro’s unnecessary role as the villain.  The continued focus on the fallout of Superior-Man continues to bring both major conflicts and humor to the story, which is a delicate balance that’s working very well for them so far.

Amazing Spider-Man 1.2#

This series has been very entertaining as well.  I love the extra perspective on Spidey’s origins.  It’s fun to explore the time period between Peter obtaining his powers and his full commitment to becoming a hero.  I’m also loving the “Syndrome from Incredibles” villain situation that’s being set up with Clash.

So what comics have you picked up this month?  I know my selection probably doesn’t have any shockers(pun intended), but keep in mind I’m just starting out. Anyway, let me know in the comments! And please, please, if you have a recommendation let me know! I’m always interesting in something new to read!