Video Game Sequels I’d Like to See

First off I’d like to give a shout-out to a fellow blogger called Crazy Snake for inspiring me with his own game sequels post, which you can read right here: Clicky clicky.  Game sequels can be a bit of tricky matter.  There’s a fine line between the 10th Call of Duty and Half Life 3.  One has to tread carefully, you might just get what you wish for.  That said, here are the games I’d really like to see sequels for.


For some people, RAGE may have just reminded them how much they wanted Fallout 4.  Personally I really enjoyed the game, I thought it was quite underrated in fact.  I thought the balance of driving and shooting was actually a really cool idea, and this is coming from someone who hates racing games.  Further more, the game ended on a massive cliff hanger….grrr.  Basically imagine if Halo 2 was the last Halo game they made.  That’s what it’s like.  It sent me into a fit of RAGE.

Dishonored 2

I believe this game was also on Crazy Snake’s list, great minds think alike I suppose? This one is a no brainer.  It was so good it even manged to sell me on a genre I wasn’t too crazy about. The combination of stealth, action, and strategy was near perfect.  We absolutely need more.  Also,  can you even imagine Dishonored’s art style and atmosphere on the next gen consoles? Oh man! That could potentially be one of the prettiest games ever made.

Republic Commando 2


When are we going to see the galaxy’s biggest bad asses return?  Republic was just a bad ass game, I mean you got to play as first person clone troopers.  That’s already reason enough to need another one of these.  The thing that was so cool about Republic Commando was the fact is was set in the back alley of the Star Wars universe.  It’s darker, grungy, dirty, bleak.  Such a cool side of the universe to see, that’s for sure.  Battlefront 3 is being made…so maybe…just maybe we’ll see something.

Call of Duty: World at War 2 

Even a lot of hardcore Call of Duty haters admit that World at War was a great game, maybe even the best Call of Duty game in fact.  We’ve beaten the  “modern shooter” theme to death, and the “Futuristic” thing is fading fast as well.  I think it’s time to go back to the start, with some WW2 action.  A grungy Call of Duty sequel set in World War 2 powered by Next-gen consoles? Yes please.  That’d be a Call of Duty game worth picking up, even if you hate the franchise.

Portal 3 

Portal 2 is the best game ever, I’ve said this many, many times before!  I love it with all my heart.  Is it selfish to say I’d rather see Portal 3 before even Half Life 3? Yes…..maybe….but I don’t care, because I need more Portal in my life!  Portal 2 wrapped things up with pretty neat bow, they could never make another Portal game again and it would still be a well rounded series.  BUT, they left open a lot of story potential as well. Remember all those humans we saved at the end of the Co-Op missions?

And Every Other Valve Game

TF3, Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3, and of course Half Life 3, we need em all.



My Top Ten Video Game Enemies

10. Ghosts (Pac-man)

Whoa! Old school right off the bat! If we’re talking iconic video game villains, it’s almost impossible to exclude the Ghosts from Pac-man.  They may be 8-bit, but they’re deadly just the same.

9. Nazi Zombies (Call of Duty)

Make no mistake, zombies are a fairly common addition among most modern games. I could probably name a hundred different games that utilize them as enemies, if I wanted to.  But when I think iconic video game zombies, the glowing eyed corpses from Call of Duty are the first that come to mind.  Even more specifically: the Nazi Zombies.  They’re set apart from the rest of the zombie crowd not only due to their glowing yellow eyes, but by their interesting back story as well.

8. Cyber Demons (DOOM)

There are a lot of iconic Demons and monsters from the DOOM series, and it’s very difficult to single out just one as a favorite. Personally I’m going with the Cyber Demons, with the Imp as a close second.  The Cyber Demons usually serve as end bosses to the DOOM games and…well….you can probably see why.  They are a terrifying “unholy union of flesh and metal” and perhaps one of the greatest threats Hell can throw your way…

7. Tank (Left 4 Dead)

TAAANK!!! Hulking and grotesque, Tanks are perhaps the worst of the dangers you can find in the post apocalyptic world of Left 4 Dead.  They require the combined fire of all four survivors to take down, and have a knack for popping up in places you least expect them.  There’s no wake-up call quite like the howl of an approaching Tank.

6. Grunts (Halo)

While there are certainly a lot of candidates, the Grunts take the cake when it comes to the most iconic Halo baddies.  They’re not quite as menacing as any of my previous choices….in fact they’re kind of adorable.  Grunts are cowardly and weak, and will quite often simply run away instead of staying and fighting a losing battle.  Of course, if they’re in the company of a more powerful villain, they’re muster up the courage to shout hilarious insults at you, but that’s all part of why we love them so much. And sometimes they’re thirsty.

5. Dragons (Skyrim)

The badass level is over 9000! Dragons are always cool, but no video game handles Dragons quite as well as Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.  It’s hard to describe the thrill when you first meet a Dragon in the wild untamed lands of Skyrim.  They can swoop in at almost any time and are always formidable foes.   Not only are they immensely powerful, but they’re intelligent as well.  And they look badass…did I mention that?

4. Turrets (Portal)

With Turrets, it’s sort of a love hate relationship.  You get the feeling that they don’t necessarily want to hurt you, it’s just simply their job.  And they do their job well. Turrets are another enemy where it’s hard to not just fall in love with them.  Their shrill little robot voices and ever vigilant eyes are too cute…..ahem, I mean they are merciless killing machines. That’s what I meant to say.

3. Creepers 


Creepers are just the worst, they really are.  There are no other enemies in any other games that are capable of making several hours of work instantly void so quickly.  The dreaded hiss of a Creeper is one of the most easily identifiable, and hated sounds in all of gaming.  And to think that they were simply born out of coding glitch, when Notch was trying to make pigs.

2. Big Daddies 

These guys are easily one of the most iconic and most recognizable video game enemies of all time, and for good reason.  They are tough as nails, and a genuine challenge to take down…whenever you’re unlucky enough to stumble across one of their paths. And of course, their psychical appearance is legendary and one of the most menacing in gaming.

1. Head Crabs(Half Life)

If you’ve played any of the Half Life games, then chances are you know why I’ve picked Headcrabs as my top spot.  These are parasites that make even Xenomorphs go “ewww…” They latch onto their victims head, and transform into grotesque zombie like creatures. They may have originally came from an alien world, but the Combine has since weaponized them and used them to attack unruly citizens.  I can tell you one thing, Valve loves to hide these guys in air vents.


My Top Ten Teenage Superheroes!


10. Roy Harper 

Before he became one of the founding members of Teen Titans, or a member of Young Justice, Roy Harper was a junkie and heroin addict.  What’s the best way to get clean? Become a super hero of course.  After training under the famed Green Arrow, Roy Harper (Red Arrow) is now one of the best marksmen in the DC universe.  Turns out vigilantism was just the outlet he needed to begin dealing with his issues.

9. Colossus

Colossus is a damn bad ass! To this day he officially remains one of the strongest X-men out there.  Believe it or not, Colossus got his start as simple farm boy.  This was of course before Xavier brought him to his school for gifted youngsters.   Soon, the skills that once helped him farm as a boy, would help him fight injustice as a man.

8. Cyborg 

Speaking of bad ass and metal, here comes Cyborg.  Victor was only a young man when he suffered a lab injury that would threaten his life.  Victor’s father, a scientist, wasn’t about to let his son die.  So he created cybernetic components to help revive his struggling child.  Little did he know he was creating a founding member of the Teen Titans.

7. Ice-Man 

Unfortunately for poor Bobby, things didn’t go well in his hometown when he began to develop his mutant powers.  He quickly became an outcast and a villain to town members, who had him locked up.  He had to actually be broken out of prison and rescued in order to join Xavier’s school.  He would later become the youngest member of the original X-men team.

6. Armor 

Armor has one of the coolest mutant powers ever, in my opinion.  Like how cool is that Armor power?  One of my favorite aspects of Armor has to be her division between her two families.  On the one side she has her biological family, and on the other she has the X-men.  Her struggle to know where to stand is very emotionally engaging.

5. Kitty Pryde 


What?! Another Mutant?! I’m sorry, there’s just so many great teenage characters from these comics!  Kitty Pryde(Shadow Cat), was only 13 years old when she was approached by Xavier.  Not only did she enter his school for gifted youngsters, but she quickly became the youngest mutant ever to join the X-men team.  Quite the rap sheet for someone who had only barely just entered her teen years.  Also, her best friend is a little purple dragon.  How awesome can you get?

4. Bat Girl 

It’s not easy to simply work yourself into a sidekick position with one of the most secretive and brooding superheros around, but that’s exactly what Barbra Gordon managed to do.  Perhaps it was in her blood, after all her father was police commissioner.  While Batman may have at first been hesitant to accept her, he quickly realized how much talent she had for someone so young, and knew he had to train her. Batman seems to be a big softy for skilled youngsters doesn’t he?

3. Nova (Sam Alexander)

15 year old Sam Alexander only ever saw the dark side of his father, who was always drunk, stinking of booze, and telling stories about space, guardians of the galaxy, and cosmic battles. Sam had always disregarded these stories as the ramblings of a drunk.  That is until his father went missing, and Sam was chosen to take up the Nova mantle.  Young Nova now protects earth from cosmic dangers, while searching for the truth behind his father.

2. Robin 

Wait….which Robin do I mean? Well…all of them.  Is that cheating? Maybe. To be frank, it’s hard to choose which Boy Wonder is the best, they all have very unique aspects to them.  They all share one thing in common: they’re all highly skilled badasses. Each of them started out as Robin, before moving onto their own futures.  Some good, some not so much.

1. Spider-Man

And at the top we’ve got my personal favorite superhero of all time: Spidey!!! Spider-Man is a no brainer for this list.  Sure in the current comic series he is an adult with his own company and everything, but let us not forget he started out as a geeky highschooler who was bit by a radioactive spider!

So that’s my list! What do you think of my choices? Let me know your personal top 10!

Highly Anticipated Games….That I’m Not Interested In

There are a lot of upcoming games to get excited about. Both the end of 2014 and all of 2015 are absolutely packed with games, and that’s a good thing. However with so many popular upcoming games coming out, there’s always bound to be a few that don’t interest some people, despite all the buzz. Again, this is a good thing. Choice is very important in gaming. Now having said that, I’m going to share with you the deepest and darkest secrets from my heart. These are several highly anticipated games…that I’m just not interested in!

*disclaimer* There are bound to be titles here that people are really excited for…that’s kind of the point. I’m not trying to diminish anyone’s joy, I’m simply sharing some uncommon opinions! :)

Witcher 3

Now don’t get me wrong, this game looks visually amazing. The graphics are simply beautiful. It’s more the gameplay that doesn’t interest me. Unfortunately, despite my best attempts, I’ve never really managed to get into the third person RPG genre. Which is strange, because the Elder Scrolls games are some of my favorite games of all time. I can’t really explain why the point of view matters so much to me, and realize how close minded this all sounds! Love it or hate, I just can’t seem to get myself excited for this game. Not quite my genre.

Rainbow Six: Siege

I can’t even use the “it’s not quite my genre” excuse for this one! I’ll say this whole “Siege” idea is pretty unique, and does look like it can be pretty fun. But can it carry an entire game? In my opinion it has the same issue as Battlefield: Hardline. The whole cops and robbers thing is a cool idea, but that cool idea alone can’t carry the game. Same with this. The idea is interesting, but I don’t see how they’ll be able to carry a whole game around it. Truth be told, everything else about the game looks mediocre. There, I said it.

Metal Gear Solid V

Now I want to say I have nothing against this game or this series. It’s just, well I don’t know a lot about it. Never played any of it’s predecessors is all. I know it’s a highly anticipated upcoming sequel…and…that’s kind of it. It had one odd $30 demo thing, and then a few really strange cryptic trailers…this game is honestly a bit of mystery to me. That combined with the fact that I’ve really only played one stealth game that I’ve really loved before, and that was Dishonored.

Mortal Kombat X

Now if you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, this one may come as a surprise to you. I mentioned in my first ever post that Mortal Kombat was one of the first games I ever owned, and I put Scorpion on my top ten favorite video game characters list! Make no mistake, I love Mortal Kombat. And when I heard there was going to be a next-gen Mortal Kombat I rejoiced! That was until I learned it wasn’t really a next gen Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat X will be on both Xbox One and PS4 sure, but it’s also being developed on last gen consoles. Why is this a big deal? Well, it means it still has those nasty last gen “chains” around it’s neck. I’ve seen gameplay and…well…it’s just not impressive. Graphically the game isn’t even close to what I think the next Mortal Kombat game should be looking like! To me it just seems like Mortal Kombat 9 with some of Injustice’s features implemented. Call me when we get a real next gen Mortal Kombat!


I’m not a big fan of 4 v 1. The issue is those few little words make this game completely irrelevant! It’s multiplayer only, no campaign, and as far as I know only 4 v 1. It’s the type of game that you basically have to play with friends. Trust me I can already say this with absolute certainty: if you play Evolve online with random matchmaking you’re going to have a horrible time. What’s more, is I see a serious potential content issue with this game. I mean if this game is really just 4 v 1 on a couple different maps, with a couple different monsters, is it really going to be worth the $60 asking price? If it was a $30 arcade game, then it’d be a totally different story….but as it stands now: I’m afraid I don’t see the value.

Once more, my purpose isn’t to offend anyone!  These are just highly antipated games that aren’t quite my genre, or don’t quite impress me as much as everyone else! Not trying to be a Negative Nancy!  So what are some highly anticipated games you just don’t see the hype for? Let me know!

My Favorite Multiplayer Gamemodes

First off, sorry for no posts last week, I was a little busy and never could seem to find time to write.   Anyway, let’s get down to it.  I’m a mutliplayer gamer, that’s just how I roll.  And being a multiplayer gamer, I’ve played my fair share of a wide array of gamemodes from various different games.  I’ve decided to devote a post to entirely to my personal favorite multiplayer gamemodes I’ve discovered over the years.

Oddball (Halo)

So this first one is kind of an odd gamemode. Trust me, that pun hurt me more than it hurt you.  The rules aren’t terribly complicated, two teams simply battle for control of the “oddball,” a skull that grants points as it’s held.  You want to always have a member of your team holding the oddball to earn points and rundown the timer.  The end result is a frantic and highly entertaining scramble as players battle back and forth, trying to get their hands on the signature skull.

It’s mine, my own! It’s precious to me! Our Preciouuuuussss!

Payload (TF2) 

Payload has always been one of my absolute favorites.  In Payload, there are two teams, one for defense and one for offense.  Payload maps have a big ol’ railroad that runs through entirety of the map, leading to it’s destination. It’s up to the Blu team (offense) to “push” the payload along the track and to it’s final destination.  Of course, the Red team(defense) doesn’t want this to happen.  The constantly moving objective always keeps the gameplay frantic and interesting.  It’s one of the more unique gametypes out there, and teamwork is key.


Crazy King/Hardpoint (Halo, Call of Duty, Destiny(?))

In Halo it’s called “Crazy King” in Black Ops 2 it’s called “Hardpoint.”  The gamemode is remarkably similar across both the franchises. It’s basically a twist on the traditional King of the Hill gamemode.  Instead of just having one stationary hill to control, the hill locations rotate through the map.  The result? Crazy king.  Teams scramble around to try and get to the hills first, and defend them.  Very dynamic gamemode.

Infected (several franchises) 

This one is a pretty popular gametype that be found throughout several franchises, including Call of Duty, Halo, Counter-Strike, TF2, and Blacklight.  The base idea is much the same.  There are survivors, and there are infected.  Infected kill survivors to turn them into infected.  Infected try and convert everyone, and the survivors try to…well….survive!  It may not be the worlds most competitive gamemode, but it’s really fun for simply having a good time.

Medieval Mode (TF2)

Okay, this one is out there.  This is probably the most specific gametype I’ll mention on this list.  It’s unique to TF2(again), and is actually only playable on one map.  Medieval mode takes a relativily normal FPS, and totally turns it on it’s head.  In Medieval mode, you can only use methods of warfare that would have been used back in Medieval times.  All of your explosives, guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers, etc are all taken away.  Instead you can only use arrows and melee.  Other than that it’s regular control point/domination game type.  As you might imagine, insanity ensues.

One of the craziest gamemodes out there….FOR THE KIIIIING

So those are some of my favorite gamemodes from various games over the years.  I know some of those may have seemed a little whacky, but sometimes it’s the whackiest gamemodes that are the best.  So what are your favorite gametypes? Let me know!




Ranking The Marvel Movies

Marvel has been on a role haven’t they?  We’re now a hefty 10 films into the Marvel cinematic universe, but they aren’t stopping anytime soon.  We’ve still got years and years of planned Marvel films ahead of us.  However I figured now would be as good a time as any, as phase two comes to a close, to rank the Marvel films….at least the Marvel films so far.  For this list I’m only including films created by Marvel Studios, so Spider-Man and X-men don’t count!

10. The Incredible Hulk

The incredible Hulk is the red headed step sister of the Marvel cinematic family.  Unlike all the other Marvel films, this one doesn’t even really connect to the bigger cinematic universe.  A new actor was chosen to play Hulk, a new Hulk design was chosen, none of the other characters were ever heard from again, and the only things tying this to the rest of the series is a Tony Stark cameo and a “I kind of broke Harlem” line in the Avengers.  The film is still good, not great, but good.   However it’s disconnection is why I’ve only put it at 10.

9. Captain America: The First Avenger

And now we arrive at what is probably going to be my first controversial choice….don’t worry…there’s more to come!  I’m going to be honest here: I wasn’t the biggest fan of this film.  It was “okay” but really nothing more.   It just moved a little too slow for my liking, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was just a quick effort to introduce Captain America so he could be in Avengers.  There I said it.  It’s a decent film, I just wasn’t a fan.

8. Thor 

The fact that a Thor film even exists is cause for rejoice.  I actually enjoyed this film, it had quite a few aspects I thought worked splendidly.  For example, all the sequences on Asguard, the relationship between Loki and Thor, Thor’s journey to worthy-ness, those were all great.  However, the fact that most of the film is spent on earth with the “Earth Crew” (as I like to call them), brings the film down a few pegs.  The relationship between Thor and Jane is utterly unconvincing and forced, just like the film’s humor! BURN!

7. Iron Man 2

Even a “not as great as the others” Iron Man film is still a great film in my opinion.  It’s no secret that quite a few people didn’t like this movie, but I did!  It’s a genuinely enjoyable action flick.  Maybe it lacks some of the the emotion and heart of other Marvel films, but that’s not what this movie is about.  I found it to be very enjoyable, even if it wasn’t quite as good as the other two.

6. Thor: The Dark World 

If just a few things were handled differently in this film, it would have been way higher on my list.  I absolutely adore the combination of sci-fi and mythology in this film.  The film’s visual style is one of the greatest in the series.  There are several sequences in this film that are just awesome, but unfortunately it suffers from the same issues the first had.  Jane and the “Earth Crew” are back….and just as annoying and unnecessary as before.  The Jane/Thor relationship is still forced, and still unbelievable, and the dorky “scientist people” humor is still around.  Not mention they’re a little heavy on exposition and plot in this movie….I lost track of how many times “the convergence” was explained to me.  Still, I really enjoyed the better half of it!

5. Iron Man

Wait a minute….if he has Iron Man 1 here….then that must mean….

4. Iron Man 3

….he put Iron Man 3 higher! The outrage!  I warned you I may have a controversial opinion or two here!  Despite a few of it’s bad decisions, Iron Man 3 was favorite Iron Man film.  Why?  I felt like it was the best Iron Man story yet, or perhaps more appropriately, the best Tony Stark story.  The film actually dug into the issue brought up in Avengers by Captain America, “You’re a big man now, but take off the suit what are you?”  I loved the fact that Tony had to make due without his suit for a decent portion of the film,  I thought it was a highly entertaining story and actually moved him forward as a character.

3. Avengers 

Ahhh, the Avengers.  In terms of sheer excitement factor, this film was probably one of the most anticipated super hero films of all time.  I don’t really think I need to go too in depth to explain my choices here!  Sure the movie may take a little longer than necessary to build up, but the second half of this film is worth the wait.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy 

I’m hooked on a feeling!  Guardians of the Galaxy was probably one of the most surprising super hero films ever.  Instead of taking a long time to explain how much I loved this film, I’ll just link my review instead!  Click here! To summarize: The combination of humor and heart was just perfect.  Not to mention almost every character was a show-stealer whenever they were on screen.

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

I was very tentative upon watching this film….after all I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first one.  I would have never guessed this sequel would end up being my favorite Marvel film!  It’s such a cool movie!  The action is brilliant, the plot is gripping, and the characters are heartfelt and dynamic.  I don’t know what more you could ask for.

So that’s my list!  I know I had an odd choice or two in there, but what did you think?  Agree or disagree?  Let me know your personal ranking of the films!

Destiny Controversy

What’s this? Another Destiny post?  I know that I’ve given Destiny quite a bit of special attention on this blog, I can’t seem to help it!  Destiny is easily my most anticipated upcoming game, which is why I enjoy writing about it so much.   That is really what the core of this blog is after all, writing about the things I love most.

I had a fantastic time in the Destiny Beta.   So you can imagine my surprise upon browsing some of my favorite gaming sites when I discovered that apparently Destiny has conjured up a bit of controversy!  That’s right, apparently there’s a wave of people who are now quite unsatisfied with Destiny.  I did a little digging to try and uncover the source of the unrest, and evidently it’s in response to an information leak.  Supposedly all of the game’s content has leaked online, including a list of all the planets, multiplayer maps, explorable areas, strike missions, etc.   This has lead some people to cast a very critical eye on Destiny, because evidently it fell short of their expectations.

What’s this? People are starting to hate on Destiny? Arm up Guardians….

“Content, content, CONTENT!”  Content is the go to word for all of Destiny’s troubles now.  People are concerned because the game isn’t quite as big as they were expecting.  However, I find it very ironic that of of all games Destiny is the one to receive controversy for lack of content.  I just don’t see it, even is the game leak is true, the game seems awfully packed to me.  I spent over 30 hours, yes over 30 hours, just in the Destiny Beta! Now considering that the Beta is only like 10% of the full game, content is the last issue that came to my mind.

Bungie has made it clear that Destiny is going to be beefy, especially by modern standards.  It feels like recently devs have been trying to pack less and less content into $60 dollar games.  Take TitanFall and Evolve for example, multiplayer only games with only a few gamemodes and no campaigns to be found.  Or The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Infamous Second Son on the opposite side of the spectrum, single player only games that can be beat in a matter of hours.  So why on earth Destiny being called out?

Abandon thread!

I have a theory as to why Destiny, of all games, is being called out on content.  My theory is this: it’s largely due to the fact that Destiny is such a strange game.  What do I mean by this? Well Destiny is so ill defined, in the best way possible.  There are still people out there trying to call this game an MMO!  It’s clear Destiny isn’t just an average shooter, yet it’s not really on the scale of an MMO or something like that.  MMO players expect to gets hundreds, possibly thousands of hours out of their games. They seem to forget that Destiny is only a one time purchase, not a monthly subscription game.  It’s kind of right in an awkward place between genres, and that changes expectations greatly.

The point is this: I don’t think Destiny is short on content at all.  Bungie has made it clear that Destiny is an ever changing experience that’s meant to entice players and keep bringing them back.  There is a massive amount of endgame to take into account.  Five planets to explore, Raids, Strike missions, NightFall activities, bounties, Exotic and legendary gear to loot, sub-classes to level,  and of course the Crucible! That’s a lot of meat and potatoes if you ask me! Not mention you can be doing it three times with separate classes!

“Fend off the Halo fanboys! (It’s only a joke, only a joke!)

In conclusion, I think all the Destiny Content crisis claims are ill founded.  It all depends on what you’re willing to put into the game, and what you’re expecting.  The fact is this: one the scale of $60 games, Destiny is at the top in terms of content.  Anyway, I’d like to hear your opinions!  What do you think about the content issue? Let me know!